Posting a link on a blog with massive OBLs

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Does this hurt your money site if you do this considering OBLs over 100, 200, 500, 1000+, but, the PR of the page is like 5,6,7,8,9, or even 10?

Is there any more strength passed on to your site for SERPS or do you get a penalty because of the OBL?
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    Anything? Ideas?

    I probably speak for all newbies

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      It depends. If the site is a trusted authority, has relevance to your site and has strong editorial rules regarding content and linking then having a link, regardless of the volume OBL, will have some value.

      If the site is spammy i.e. it's easy to get a link there and there is little or no editorial judgment with respect to comments and links or the site isn't relevant to your site then forget it.
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    This should not hurt if you are not automating it. If everything is manual and done slowly, this will give benefit.

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    Building these types of links is useless and can hurt your site if these are the majority of links you have. The primary goal of SEO is to gain the trust of the search engines and be considered the top authority for any particular keyword. Do you think you can do this by sending a bunch of blog comments to spammed out blogs? Absolutely not. You do it with quality content and quality back links.
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    I don't think it is good
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    Okay does anyone have a good general number of a limit on the OBL of blog comments for relevant and irrelevant on different types of PR? I'd rather not even use blog comments but 'link diversity' seems to be the thing these days...

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    I have plenty of blogs with high authority and old aged, high page rank.

    I have sold more than 60 sitewide links with marvelous results in Serps. Even better than before the Penguin update.

    So it does not matter very much the OBL, unless the site is penalyzed by Google for selling links.
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