Does Backlinking still work for non-relevant websites?

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Question is above - as long as you diversify your links?
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    yes, it still works. a link is a link.
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    Of course it still works. I would disagree with the statement that a link is a link though. At this point in the game, relevant backlinks are worth more than backlinks from unrelated sources. The best thing to do though, is to mix it up. Sites, subject matter, anchor text. The more varied your link building, the more natural it looks.
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    niche related backlinks still works............
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    Yeah it still works but niche related backlinks is where its at. Niche related backlinks today are what .edu backlinks where 18 months ago. But far easier to get hold of.

    Just remember that more emphasis is being put on matching your site to its relevant niche. Which makes perfect sense considering the prime directive of Google.
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    Yes for me it really works, i have a site based on very limited type niche, so i just try to grab backlinks from everywhere, from all relevant and irrelevant sites, so it works like a charm for me... I have not seen any bad seo impact of it...
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    well - that's good enough for me everyone. I thought w/ the Penguin update that backlinking from non-relevant websites would be bad. thx guys.

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    Non relevant backlinks still works. But its not effective as relevant backlinks.
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    Though non-relevant links count as the backlinks but they are not effective to get the results for the site. In fact, sometime these non-relevant backlinks be the negative factor for the site results if received from the unauthorized or less authority sites.
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    I agree with gPlayer, if it is on relevant websites..definitely help you.

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    Non relevant backlink is working but it will not work for a long time because if once you come in Google eye, it will penalize you.
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    Still work according to limited experience, but not as effective as it was in old days. And since Google now updates so frequently, we'd better build backlinks from those related websites, it's much safer.
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    yes , they will always work if the websites that point to you have high authorithy.

    Some things i guess will never change.
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      Originally Posted by Johnsena View Post

      After penguine amend Google says that if you accept non accordant backlinks again i will penalized you. So accomplish abiding that alter your keywords and again accomplish the links. achievement this action will save the website from Google eye.
      ...Not quite sure I follow.

      Anyway, I've seen zero issues with getting backlinks from non niche-related sites. That said, I tend to go for quality over quantity. Instead of using tools to mindlessly blast away at thousands of unrelated sites I much prefer manually creating links on higher quality sites.

      But I wouldn't doubt that Google & other search engines give a boost to niche-related backlinks.
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    it doesn't matter that the website is relevant or not, as long as it is a link it will always work
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    Yes relevancy is overrated. Not to say that it probably isn't a better plan to shoot for relevancy in order to maintain longevity with Google's algorithm but as of now it matters very little.
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    Without backlinks how can you get first page ranking on Google? After penguin update only theme relevant backlink is useful with diversify anchor text .
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