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I have a website that I run called Usenet Authority; it gets no traffic from Google and I would love for this to change; the website gets traffic from other websites I have created to funnel traffic in but no organic search visitors.

What could I do to bring in visitors from Google? thank you very much.

The website is
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    I would focus on creating good content. The better it is the more traffic it can get.


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    If you want organic search visitor then you have do SEO to get top rank for your keyword.
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    Focus on improving the content to attract and grab more people. More people = increase traffic.
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    The more content you create (eg. articles, videos, images etc.) the more visible it will be to the search engines.
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    Yeh, that would be pretty cool.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Hello!! My personal advice is to insert some quality content on your website!!
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    my opinion is that you should concentrate on the content, suitable keyword stuffing, perform quality backlink. the most important is good and relevant content. Thanks.
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