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I did a 301 redirect for my old domain to new one, 2 days ago. Today google indexed the new one. All my keywords that was ranking 1th spot now are on 7-8th spot.

Does google pass all the link juice instantly, or does it take time? I mean, will i get my previous rankings, or are these permanent positions for the new domain?

Thanks for answers.
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    I am in the same exact situation and have the same exact question lol...
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    i think some experienced member will answer this. i hope.
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    surely It passes link juice to new domain but after few days may be weeks, when the new domain jumps from no PageRank to a value that is one less or equal to the PageRank of the old site, it's quite likely that Google has picked up the redirects and is now treating links to the old domain as links to the new domain.
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    301 redirect does pass link juice but not as much as it did before.

    I would suggest running a PRWEB atricle talking about your new site and see if you can get some high quality links back to your new site...

    But if Google has only indexed your new site today I would give it a few more days - but there is no harm in building high quality links in the meantime.
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    It may take a few time for 301 redirect to work properly and pass the link juice i think. I redirected our sub domain to main domain name and it took few days to give us most of the rankings back.

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    Most tests that have been done show anywhere from 80-90% of the linkjuice being passed to the new site. There will definitely be some attrition.
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    The question was not whether all of the link juice gets passed, the question was, of the link juice that does get passed, does it all pass at once or over time?
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