what would you do if you had $350 in your ADWORDS account?

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Hey fellow warriors, I happen to have around $350 in my Google adwords accounts. What do you suggest I do with it. I got them through coupons, and am wondering if creating an ad campaign for clickbank products is a good option...but as i have heard adwords is too competitive and people prefer 7search and adcenter. So what should I be doing with it? :confused:
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    Well adwords may be competitive you already have the money in the account so might as well use it. I would make sure the landing page from clickbank is immaculate. Try to find some good long tail keywords that might be on the cheaper side and may have good conversion. If anything i would just do some trial and error and see how it works for your products/services.

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    Well since you have $350 worth of Adwords, you can just advertise it then based on your keywords that is related to your niche.
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      I'd think I'd logged into someone else's account - mine's been sat at $4.49 since Adam was a lad

      Well, you asked.

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    kylenelson24- So should I be making a squeeze page or should i just redirect the traffic to the product page??
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    Capture leads instead of sending them to a clickbank sales page.

    Or do some Cpa marketing with the funds.

    if nothing works, resell them or something..
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    Yes... the easiest way to use the $350 is by building list. Make a squeeze page and collect visitors' emails.

    Or you could build an amazon review site and promote the site using adwords.
    Another option is build an ecommerce site.

    Also, read carefully the Adwords's TOS. Adwords is very strict, so make sure you follow the guidelines and advertise a site that really have unique and useful contents for the visitors. It'll avoid you being banned by Adwords.
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