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I'm thinking of going in a niche with about 100 keywords that are semi easy to rank.

Should I go for a broad domain name so it isn't limited to just one scenario, e.g. (which has no searches but readers from several keywords would click on that link), rather then (where I know I can rank for that keyword; if it has, say, 500 exact views a month - But mostly people searching that keyword would click on it; reducing possible traffic from a wide range of keywords)?

And another question. Would you suggest sticking to, say, 10 keywords with 100-300 exact views a month, so it would be easier to rank?

I've confused myself writing this, so I hope you can make something out of it.

PS. The niche is an EXAMPLE.
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    Good question mate.

    If you're planning on building a site with 100 pages, then I would certainly use a broad keyword for your domain. EMD's do not have nearly the power that they did a couple years ago. Furthermore, it's much harder to brand "dog training for eskimos" than it is to do something more original. Your domain name doesn't need to be a keyword at all. The majority of the profit you make will be from your inner pages.

    The only time I would consider using an "exact match domain" is for a micro niche site that only has a handful of indexed pages. Then I would be more concerned with traffic to the home page. But for all other types of sites, the home page should mainly be used as a directory that funnels traffic and link juice to your interior pages.
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