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I am launching a new site and will begin to lay the backlink groundwork over the nexty few weeks.

This is the first new site I have launched since Panda.

My question is this, we know that anchortext overoptimization is one of the key issue involved with the panda penalty.

We also know that webmaster tools parses url;s and turns them into phrases when they are a link, for example

http//www.widgets.com/large-blue widgets/

would look in wmt under the link to yur site section like this:
www widgets large blue widgets

thus containing the keyword phrase parsed from the url and thereby overoptimizing anchor text.

Has anyone received a panda penalty just by using url links?
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    No, you shouldn't receive a penalty if you don't spam links and use anchor text where you can. Don't make more than 4 backlinks a day, that your link building process looks naturally.
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      as the panda penalty appears to be based on percentages I dont know that how many links i make in a day (within reason) is really the issue. Especially as you cannot control how long it takes google to find the link.

      The bigger issue is if google parses the kw out of the url link it would seem then to technically be an anchortext link and thus possible contribute tto the panda penalty, that is the question I am asking.
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    It's a good link, don't be afraid to go out there and pump some links out. Google want to scare you into not building them. The link you mentioned is ideal not parsed but branded with a www and com, so go ahead and use it plenty like this.

    I don't know about 4 links per day, there is no right amount of links. Some people are gaming Google big style with their churn and burn strategy 1000 links per day, they are hitting the first page in a week for some heavy money terms. Whether they will stay there long term remains to be seen.

    So, don't hang around get building some quality links but use your sense, don't be too aggressive with the same keyword and rotate your anchors plus get some brand, image, iframe and redirects.
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    I believe you are confusing Penguin and Panda. Panda is mostly onpage factors and doesn't really have much to do with backlinking. Penguin is the penalty that you should be worrying about. So if you are referring to the Penguin penalty then just link out naturally. You're not going to get penalized because your URL happens to contain your keyword. But definitely add in some other anchors and what not. Don't over think things. Go after high quality links and a lot of anchor text variation and you'll usually be ok.
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