MASSIVE list of link building techniques! (15 Easy Post-Penguin Link Building Methods)

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Links still remain very powerful but tools like Xrumer, Scrapebox, SenNuke, and AMR are decreasing in ranking power. Now that we are all forced to seek safe and alternative methods to build links, I compiled a list of personal recommendations for link building. Read the full description below and learn how to safety and effectively SKYROCKET your rankings!

15 Safe Link Building Techniques
1. Press Release Submissions
2. Online Company & Niche Directories
3. Guest Posting
4. Paid Reviews (Paid)
5. Blog Commenting
6. Forum Posting
7. Get a link from EVERY scraper that steals your content
8. Buy expired domains, leverage their link value
9. Create Web 2.0 Blogs
10. Get Trackbacks to your site
11. Wiki Links
12. Buy links from Fiverr (Paid)
14. Leverage a private link network (Paid)
15. Utilize the BST trade section of BHW (Paid)

Breakdown of Each Method
The following breakdown of each method describes exactly how to utilize each strategy and what warnings and precautions to take in order to maximize your efforts.

Press Release Submissions
News sites love free content. While you can use a service like PRweb to easily submit your releases, you can achieve virtually the same results for free by utilizing alternate submission services. In order to get your release picked up by the maximum number of news sites, make sure you use at lease 3 images, make sure your content is over 1000 words long, do not post more than 2 outbound links, and break up your content into 150 word blocks. DO NOT use exact match anchors on press releases!
Top 5 Free PR Distribution Sites:,,,,

Online Company & Niche Directories
Although directories do not provide a huge amount of link juice, they are safe white-hat links to offset any bad links that you may have. These directories are easy to find. and are two that I always submit to.

Guest Posting
In exchange for quality content, you can get free links. Services like MyBlogGuest connect people with bloggers looking for good content to post on their REAL blogs! The better your content, the higher quality offers you get. This is an EXTREMELY safe method of link building. Although it takes quite a bit of time, the return is impeccable.

Paid Reviews
This isn't free, but the quality of links tends to be very high. Bloggers look for ways to earn money, one method is paid reviews. You can use services like or to find bloggers willing to write an honest review of your website in exchange for a few dollars. Many of these blogs are PR3+, your link is surrounded by unique content, and they usually provide quite a bit of traffic!

Blog Commenting
I'm not talking about Scrapebox, I'm talking about REAL blog comments. When you post real comments and include a more "natural" link to your website, most website owners approve the comment. When done manually, 10 lof these links is better than 100 automated links AND its safer.

Forum Posting
Perhaps this isn't exactly easy. But it's another method to consider. There are tons of list of Do-Follow forums. Spend a few minutes, write a few intro posts, and post some footer links to your money site. As with Blog Commenting, manual forum posts are highly effective, automated ones are not.

Get links from Scrapers and Content Thieves is a service that lets you get backlinks from scrapers and copy & Pasters. Check out their site, you wont be disappointed.

Buy Expired Domains (& leverage their link value)
Thousands of domains expire every day. Many hosting companies offer domain registration at just 99 cents. By using free drop service aggregators, you can find sites that have natural links from other websites in your niche. Many of these sites are old and have established authority. Simple register the domain again, put some of the original content back, wait a week, and 301 or post outbound links to your money site.

Create Web 2.0 Blogs
We've all seen them., Weebly, Squiddo... the results are INCREDIBLE if you fill these blogs with unique or slightly spun content.

Give Trackbacks
By making it known that you reward users by giving out trackback links to those users that link to pages in your site, you will get flooded with links. DO NOT WORRY about reciprocal linking penalties, they don't take effect on trackbacks.

Wiki Links
This is a method that still works with automated tools. Its easy to find these tools, just search the forums.

Buy links from Fiverr
Be CAREFUL. There are some gems in fiverr, but there are also alot of sellers that do bad link building. Don't look for sellers that promise the world. Find more logical gigs that promote things like "on my niche blog" or "with a low OBL" or "Sub Page"... These tend to be less stunning when you read the title, but ultimately are more effective in the long run.
As they say on the homepage "Leverage Curation to increase your visibility.Give persistence to your social media presence." Its hard to explain this service in a short snippet... but its amazing. Trust me.

Leverage a private link network
They keyword is PRIVATE as in... NOT PUBLIC. AuthorityBacklinks, backlinks4u, Build My Rank, HighPRSociety... all these networks allowed the PUBLIC to see the links within the network. (Rule of thumb, if there is any way for YOU to see the links, then so can Google)
Private networks are networks that do not provide reports or allow users to manually select their links. My agency created a private link network for our internal projects and major clients. That being said, we don't publicly advertise this network which is why it still works. There are many users on these forums that DO sell spots on their networks. Just ask around.

Utilize the BST trade section of BHW
This ties in with the post above. Most public methods of link building are only limited in quality. Many services on the forums offer links that can only be obtained by paying the creator of the service. Check out the forums

Warnings, Notes & Tips

Use MajesticSEO to keep an eye on your link profile
Build LOTS of garbage/random anchor texts. If you have 100 links, you should have 50 different anchors.
Link Velocity is KEY - Stagger your link building efforts over time.
DO NOT ping these backlinks. They will pass more value if you let google manually index them. (Most will get crawled anyway. These are higher quality strategies)
If you use Wordpress, make sure your onsite is in order before you build these links.
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