Interlinking websites using javascript - safe for SEO?

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I have a nutrition network of 20 sites which share the same hosting account, though different C class IP's.
They were interlinked and suffered a massive traffic drop after penguin.
I have decided to stop interlinking them for SEO purposes but I'd like my user to still visit them because they are in related niches.

If I display them on my site using javascript, will google penalize me still for doing a link scheme?

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    So you are wanting to display the links via js in the hope that google will not detect them. Honestly not sure if this will work or not. I suppose if the links appear after the page DOM has loaded then links would only show after the loads. Thus reducing the chances of google spotting them.

    Although if you are considering this then you could play it 100% safe and create a flash holder for the links. Google wont see the links then.
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      Ty for the answer.. I am fed up trying to figure out if the reason for my penalty is crosslinking... so I think I am better of not doing it. How about nofollow?
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