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Hello guys,
Is it safe to interlink a network of 20 sites, same hosting, similar niches using nofollow?
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    Anyone? this is very important
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    The same hosting is the biggest issue of them all. Nich is nothing but a good mixture of do follow is important for your link structure.
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    do not interlink if they are hosted in same server, because their IPs will be same and it will not help as well as it will not act like a quality back link.
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    Originally Posted by sexyweb View Post

    Hello guys,
    Is it safe to interlink a network of 20 sites, same hosting, similar niches using nofollow?
    It is safe, but what is your reason for interlinking them?
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    a link is a link. dofollow or nofollow, the different is only the link juice. more precisely, the pr link juice.
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    If it's a related webpage link away.

    Ignore the same host nonsense above.
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    Do you know about Page Rank Sculpting? When you are interlinking with nofollow you are not getting PR and providing a good footprint for google to deindex all of your domains.
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      Interlinking, without nofollow, is what the big boys
      do with all their sites. Same IP in many, many

      Why this is the biggest myth going around, is way
      beyond me.

      In fact, when people PM for the best, useful backlinks,
      what do you think I say?

      You want backlinks, build an empire. With authority sites,
      that is.

      Interlinking is gold.

      No reason to nofollow. That's actually quite silly.
      Nofollow does not mean not seen. Nofollow means
      an untrusted link, spam, etc. What does that say
      about your sites you link to?

      If you think you get juice from a nofollow link, what
      juice? Get a nofollow and a glass of OJ and you'll
      have juice with a nofollow.

      You want the PR. You want to pass some authority.
      You want to use your empire. The same as amazon,
      ebay, wikipedia, about, go, failblog, man the list goes on and

      Interlink your network like an animal. If you don't
      want to run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

      You think google puts a nofollow on their youtube link at Man gasbuddy has a gazillion sites, all interlinked,
      same IP.

      Someday I'm gonna be a "gasbuddy." You?


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        I made the mistake of interlinking all my sites with each other - being different niches but in the same domain I wanted users to jump from one site to another (which happens - traffic grew with over 40% just from referring domains).

        I did not do it for PR purposes because If I did I'd interlink a bit random, keep the threshold under 5 sites, maybe interlink them using a Hamiltonian path.

        But that would defeat the purpose, of giving users links to all my resources.

        I don't care about 5 links when I need hundreds to compete for great rankings in my niche.

        After the penguin update my sites got penalized while other networks and partner networks which haven't got massive interlinking done (each site with another) are moving up in the SERPS.

        I am on an ascendent path now, slowly... the nofollow links aren't yet in the google cache so it's to soon to say.

        So I will have to choose to interlink my sites using nofollow (totally white hat) or use javascript for the links. But not place the links inside a js page on my site but use a traffic program. On my sites I'd have just a file which connect to that traffic program which will actually write the links after the DOM is loaded. The second method I'd like to avoid even though I have seen positive results.

        The plan is to nofollow all of them and let things settle for maybe a month. And then maybe link the closest related sites without nofollow.

        But like I said, I'm not sure it's worth the risk for a few links.
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