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Hi Guys,

So I've just started on my first quest to make money online and I've found an exact match domain which a few 1000s searches a month.

I'm just wondering what you think is best to promote?

I was going to write about different products and then link them to the amazon site and then just had adsense in the headers...

What do you guys think?

P.S I'm still happy to join up with someone on this...
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    That's great of you heft. I once have an adsense account but since it was new and maybe someone or somebody has a bad intentions with it, my account got banned. Actually an amazon affiliate is a nice affiliate. I have an amazon account and I have made 1 sale and get 15% commission. I have shared this to one of my client for building an affiliate website for click bank and amazon and so as with adsense website. Sad to say this man called me as a spam. Maybe you too would say that I am a spam coz I say I got 15% commission from amazon. But I really would. Maybe you would like to see a proof too.. But anyway I think what you have in mind is great.
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    Thanks for the reply mate but I don't really understand it...
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    I'd say stick with amazon don't add Adsense. You don't want to leave the potential buyer clicking on Adsense ads and you lose out on a product which could potentially pay more. And more ads will just turn off the viewer.

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    Well thats what Im trying to say if you want to have an adsense account then build a website for adsense. And if you want to have an amazon affiliate account then go on with amazon.
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    At first use only Amazon. to watch the result. As you have said that the exact search is 1000 per month so i don't think its better to use Adsense cause you will not get a good output as there is not enough visitors to click
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    I tend to agree with the last few comments. If it is an Amazon site that you want visiors to get to Amazon and buy the product. Adsense ads may distact them and while you end up with a small amount from the adsense click, you loose the Amazon commission. Do one or the other for the same site.
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