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by David
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Let's say I go through and re-categorize all of the posts in a client's blog, nest some of them under parent categories.
And the Breadcrumbs NavXt plug in "parses" the categories
(example: peanut butter>crunchy peanut butter>creamy
peanut butter>crunchy>salted peanut butter>crunchy>low sodium etc)

Then... maybe if the above is working, would it be "duplicate content" to also have the nav buttons be <home> <about peanut butter company> <crunchy> <creamy> ???

My question is: Does having the breadcrumbs function in this fashion in an effort to "site silo" would it be
A) unnecessary to also have the Nav buttons perform this function
B) would it be considered duplicate content and draw the ire of the Penguin Update?
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    Breadcrumbs will include all the nested URLs, so yes, include the category pages.

    home > category > blog-post

    Peanut butter? Is that from Bruce Clays blog? Sounds familiar.
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