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Hi everyone, I heard from a friend that directory submission of your site is no longer effective in improving your sites SERPs. Is this true, what do you think about this?
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  • If done properly and carefully, directory submission can generate decent results. Search for well established web directories and add your site to the right categories. Even if this strategy doesn't work as well as it once did, it can still help you get traffic and backlinks to your site.
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    Directory submission is still effective to improve SERP.
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    This is a really relative question....

    A directory that submits to dmoz, the yahoo directory and yellow pages is by no means a useless technique....

    But, a 10k submission you get off fiverr.... yes that is a dead strategy.

    It's simple.... if a link is easy to get, it's not worth it.
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    Agreeing with RedClickSeo here, the spam submissions to 1500 directories really do not help you at all.

    Do a search in Google for top web directories, there are a couple sites that rank them by either page rank or alexa rank. I typically submit manually to all the high page rank directories, they do help for SEO purposes and you can get some decent traffic from them.
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      Extremely helpful. Many thanks!
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    You don't need to submit your website to thousands of low quality directories as this doesn't work. You should choose only high quality directories which work for years and have good rankings (,,, etc.)
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    There are many theories about links & directories. If you look at a lot of the blackhatters, they will tell you that ranking in SERPs are all about spider crawls, so the more places you are around the net the better, even if they are in bad directories (you have to filter the links via other websites first - not at your own website)

    On the other hand, if you aren't after quick gains, you don't want to be doing the above. The best way to think of getting a link is - would a customer be likely to find me through this link. If they wont - don't do it.
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    No, Directory submission on high pr directories list and properly done will produce good results.
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    The sources which generate quality or decent links are always be effective, and Directory sites are one of the source which still do generate results.

    Follow the right track for link building through directories, the sites with high PR and the sites with quick index by Google always be a better source of building links.
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  • Still Directory Submission is effective while you submit it in high quality sites. It will be surely change your results.
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    Directories submissions are good way to get better SEO for your website. but its way is important. Don't use Blackhat. Its time wasting and make real links with white hat for escaping future Google Hard policies.
    Do directory submission as per your website niche submission.
    Use @yourdomain email for that.
    Some post 50/week and some post 20 Directories / day.

    If you are out of Directories which support manual checking and submission contact me. I have more than 1000+ directories.
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  • It's great to include directory submissions in your daily seo game.
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    It is definitely a good way to diversify your link-building. Just don't rely on it too much.
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    Directories submission is a good and effective technique to get high PR and traffic you can also use it for your site popularity.
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    Wow, I was just away for a few days now I have many replies. Thanks everyone for the big help. I really appreciate it. I love this forum.
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    Directory submission is good to improve you PR. This is very good when done properly.
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      Directory submission is still effective to improve SERP in my opinion.
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    Directory Submission is One of The best method for getting one way link building.Directory is Base of SEO.So Without Directory you can not get good search engine ranking.
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    Some directory are still valuable and people run behind to get approval from them like dmoz , Yahoo , Google Dir they are really valuable if you get a links from them
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    People Approval directories is needed, if not spammer spam all the internet and directories also looks spammy.
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    Directory submission offers plenty of benefits and that is why many online marketers prefer to use it as a method of link building. The main reason why you need to use directory submission as a method of list building is that it boosts your link popularity. If you use directory submission, your site can be listed in Google and other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. As a result, you can get more traffic to your site and can improve your online business.
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    Directory submission of your url in valuable sites will give you a good result and helps in increase backlink.
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