google+ votes - do they do anything?

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I was interviewing SEO people for my site and one of them said they would focus on getting google + votes and that people were really undervaluing them.

thoughts? are there any good ways to get them other than fiverr?
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    They could be seen as a positive signal of user trust in a site. If lots of people G+ it it must be good type of think. Just like FB likes. You can probably buy them in the 1000's from Fiverr (just like FB likes) which may or may not help your rankings in the short term but certainly wont bring you any traffic.

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      If you are planning to use the Google+ votes he is offering as part of a wider SEO campaign, then they will offer some value. But on their own, they won't mean much long-term.

      How likely is it that a website would organically obtain 100s of Google+ votes, but little in the way of backlinks, Facebook likes, links from Twitter, etc? Google's algorithm is very sophisticated, and will almost certainly detect that something is amiss in this kind of scenario.
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    Google Plus may help yes. And just like what Nicktyler said, it is one way for Google to determine the site's authority and "trust value" to visitors.

    I believe the more Google Plus you have, the better it shall rank on the top pages of SEs in your niche.
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    I think originally Google said the +'s were going to play a part in the ranking algo but they (of course) didn't specify how much weight it had. It seems to me just a ploy to get people to use Google+. I also remember reading up that they had a process to distinguish which profiles/votes were legit and which were just bought +'s. So overall, I wouldn't say the +s are a huge factor at all, it's nice to have though!
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    Google+ votes are about as useful as a boat anchor on an airplane.
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    G+ votes may help in gaining the interest of the visitors on your site and may indirectly affect its rankings or reputation in a positive manner.
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    I believe the more Google+ you have, the better it shall rank on the top pages of search engine in your niche. Just like FB likes.
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    Ehh I don't think facebook likes or google pluses affect ranking.

    I've had great results with Twitter Retweets though.

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    It has nothing to do with how many +1's you have.
    People buying meaningless +1's are wasting their money.

    On the other hand, natural +1's help share your content and get backlinks from people sharing your content.
    That is how it helps. Not from the quantity, but from the effects of social sharing.
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  • In my opinion i believe google +1s will help increase your website ranking.
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      Mr. Cutts from google said in an interview recently something to the effect that +1 votes do not factor into the ranking. But we all know that big G says something and does another.
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