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I saw in another post that Squidoo can be an effective method for getting backlinks. What have peoples experiences been with this strategy?
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    Squidoo lenses are good as tier 1 backlinks. Also, they tend to rank pretty well themselves, so that's an added bonus.
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  • Squidoo lost a lot of google love after the updates. But yes they are still good for tier 1 backlinking
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      squidoo is a web 2 property site. we can create one page to get valid back link by using it. we can get more chances to get referral visits if post unique content and more relevant to the queries.
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    I still use squidoo to post my articles because I'm getting a decent amount of traffic from it.

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    Yes they still effective for link juice just make sure that you add unique content Not spun...
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    As a private label rights seller I found Squidoo completely useless as far as visitors were concerned, never getting more than 2 per week, no matter what niche I wrote in. In addition, when I wanted to mention my save money plr articles or my weight loss or anti-aging plr, it would not let me publish due to certain keywords that were used. At the same time, they wouldn't actually say what these keywords were; you have to guess them! I gave up in the end.

    However, I guess the lens's that were allowed are still there with the back links in them. But my stats do not show any visitors coming from Squidoo.
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    Yes squidoo is effective make sure that the content is unique.
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    Squidoo, like many Web 2.0s are quiet effective. I know guys who making a killing only with Squidoo lenses and there are folks who are out there who are selling established lenses for quite a bit of money.
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    I guess squidoo is now no follow, recently when i posted it seems to denote no follow.. can anybody explain why ?
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      Originally Posted by engagedotscrm View Post

      I guess squidoo is now no follow, recently when i posted it seems to denote no follow.. can anybody explain why ?
      Well, for your lenses to be do-follow, you need three modules in addition to the intro module, and you also need your lensrank to be less than 400,000.

      The way to get the lensrank down is to get traffic to the lens (tweet it, facebook it etc) to kickstart it. Then follow the instructions in the following article on how to ensure the seo is right so that traffic comes from the search engines:

      Making money with Squidoo
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