For ranking purposes only .info EMD or .com PMD?

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OK I've read all the arguments regarding whether an .info domain is good or bad as far as SEO and ranking. Some say it's not good for branding, if you want to flip it, etc.

But if I'm just strictly focusing on just ranking the site in the shortest amount of time and to monetize with Adsense which of the following is best scenario:

If the EMD you want is not available in the .com/.net/.org do you go for the EMD with .info if available or go for a partial match domain (PMD) .com by adding an extra word to the main keyword?

So for example "" or ""? Which would one would you prefer from just a ranking point of view only and nothing else if you want to rank for "dog training collar".

I would like to get real world feedback if anyone has done any parallel testing with everything being the same, but the difference being one an .info EMD and other a .com with an added extra word to the root keyword.

Does it really alot longer to rank that .info EMD vs the PMD or not? I mean the PMD still has the exact keyword there as well, but just a few more letters after it.
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