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Is there a guide that covers everything about wordpress?

I would like to know how to

  • Add articles
  • How to do On-page SEO
  • How to Install plugins
  • How to Cover hosting
  • Etc

Thank you!
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    There might be something out there. I'm actually working on a tutorial/course designed more for small business owners to set up a WordPress site but it isn't completed yet.

    You can check it out here: Free Courses, Tutorials and Tips for Small Business | Tyler Herman
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    There are a lot of free Wordpress tutorials in YouTube. Simply go there and do your searches.

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    This is a bit little more advanced if you are new to Wordpress, but I was reading this on-site SEO today and it covers a lot of useful stuff in conjunction with Yoast's SEO Plugin although a lot of it's applicable if you're using All-In-One-SEO plugin as well

    Are You Setting Up WordPress For SEO Success? | SEOmoz
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    Speaking of Yoast....When I write a WP article and publish it, how does Google know which tags to use? I have Yoast, All In One and the default. And when I check the source code, I can see all three! Is it the top one that counts?
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      Originally Posted by Ohioquotes View Post

      Speaking of Yoast....When I write a WP article and publish it, how does Google know which tags to use? I have Yoast, All In One and the default. And when I check the source code, I can see all three! Is it the top one that counts?
      You don't need or want all three. Google will pick one, probably the first one, but you should delete the other 2.
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    Lets Us Do Your Back linking >>> The Best SENuke X Campaign <<< Panda and Penguin friendly

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    London Website Design
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    If you want to be a part of a paid membership with active support forum and email support, you can google the wordpress classroom by matt wolfe. it's pretty good. And he's always adding to it.
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      I see Matt Wolfe's wordpress classroom mentioned here and I just wonder if anyone else has had the experience I am having. I signed up for a trial run and I have to admit I thought the training was pretty good. After a couple of weeks I couldn't log in anymore. I contacted them and there was no reply. That was worrisome so I emailed them to let them know that I couldn't log in and I was giving up so to cancel me. I still didn't hear from them but 60 days later, they charged my paypal acct. I thought oh well maybe I can check it out again... Nope... Still couldn't log in. I tried to log in with 3 different computers to see if maybe it was my pc. No. Couldn't log in from anywhere.
      I emailed again and I used their helpdesk and I finally got a reply that said they couldn't find my account. I sent them the PayPal receipt and Clickbank ID. I continue to email and try to get the helpdesk to respond but no luck. It could just be a glitch but so far, their customer service has been quite lacking... for me at least.
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        I signed up to Chris Farrell's Membership site, it has a step by step video guide to using Word Press, installing plugins and provides free hosting for his members. You can sign up for a trial membership and just take advantage of the training (I think you get about a week). If you take the monthly membership, you get hosting, a lite version of Optimize Press (great for creating squeeze pages). I'm new to Internet Marketing and have found the site invaluable. You can sign up on my affiliate link below;
        Chris Farrell Membership

        This is a genuine recommendation rather than a sales pitch!

        Just starting out so be gentle!

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    IS it okay to use WP EASY SEO plugin with Wordpress SEO By Yoast? Please suggest me.
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    Here you learn how to use wordpress (For newbie)

    Need Quality Links? Try our guest blog posting service check our my blog The Lovers

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    There are TONS of articles about what you're looking for. The easiest way is to simply search the Googles. In your case try these searches..

    "How to do SEO on Wordpress" or "Wordpress SEO Plugins" There are some good SEO Plugins out there.
    "How to Install plugins on Wordpress"
    "Wordpress Hosting" OR if you're using a provider such as HostGator. Simply search "HostGator and Wordpress"

    I should add that you can't use Plugins if you have a normal WP account. To use Plugins you will need to Host with someone like HostGator or someone else, then install Wordpress.

    Your best bet is to first get Hosting! because there is never 1 answer for 1 question. I'm trying to save you a ton of time searching for no reason. You NEED to get Hosting first so you can search your questions adding whatever Host you're using.

    For example..

    Say you want to figure out how to install a specific Plugin on your WP site.

    You search, "How to install Plugins on Wordpress". You follow the Tutorial, but 1 problem.. There isn't any Plugin box in the WP Dashboard.. then you search for why, how to fix it, etc etc..costing you tons of time.


    If you knew the information I just told you about getting a Host first, and you installed WP through your Host there would be no problem. as the Plugin box would be in your Dashboard and you would save tons of time searching for problems that aren't there.

    Hope this helps you some, I know how it is. Trust me friend, GET HOSTING FIRST!
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    to those with more experience, which plugin performs better? Yoast's or All-in-one?
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    Yoast all the way!
    All in one is old and busted.
    Yoast even does keyword analysis on your pages/posts and will insert breadcrumbs if yoru theme doesn't use them already. Yoast is far more comprehensive than all in one, and it's very easy to use.
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