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The secret to natural, effortless SEO is realizing that many people search for the same keyword but want different things.

It's not about giving your reader tip after tip, lists of information, and hundreds of pages of content. It's about catering your content to exactly what your google searcher is looking for.

What is the Google Searcher Looking For?

Here's where things get tricky. When we see that there are, for example, 3,000 exact match searches for keyword "XYZ" we think that these searchers are all looking for the same thing. This is not the case. To clarify, here's an example below.

Keyword = "how to burn fat fast"

Searchers using this keyword can be looking for the following (this is a rough summary):

1. Basic info on how to diet and lose weight
2. Specific info on how to burn fat, not lose weight (fat loss is different than weight loss)
3. Weight loss pills and supplements to burn fat

If you set up your site to cater to all three of these topics, you will lose your audience. Those looking for fat loss tips won't care about generic dieting tips or weight loss pills.

Content Is King - Is It?

We're frequently told that content is king in SEO. And while this is true, there's a little more to the story.

It's all subjective.

What is valuable for one visitor is useless for another. In order to make your content valuable and get links naturally, you MUST cater to a specific searcher.

Laser Targeting...A Must

When writing content and optimizing for a specific keyword you should always be targeting a specific searcher.

And I'm not just talking about targeting searchers that are looking for fat loss tips (like in the example above). That's just the start.

You should work at understanding exactly what your searcher wants. Deciding to go after the "fat loss tips seekers" makes figuring out what your searcher wants much easier.

People that are looking for fat loss (not fad diets or quick fix diet pills) will have certain characteristics that you should look into. They probably eat healthier, know more about nutrition, understand the importance of diet and exercise, and realize that good results take time.

Once you get a better idea of what your target searcher is into, try digging even more. What do they want? What is their reason for searching for this keyword online?

When you hit the goldmine and figure out exactly what they want, writing content on your site that naturally gets links and social shares is easy. Here's why.

There Is A Connection...

Generic content written without this prep work does NOT connect with readers.

Your information must be unique, entertaining, and written more to "Coach" your readers (not bore them like a grade school teacher). Your content should inspire, inform, and help your reader with their problems and needs (which you'll know if you did a little detective work).

What makes people link to your website or like your facebook page?

To have a website that naturally and effortlessly gets links you should first ask yourself a few question...
  1. Why did you link to certain websites and not others?
  2. Why did you "like" all the pages you like on facebook?

We link to and share content online that we feel a connection with. Content that we feel proud of finding and want to share with others (it's an ego boost, we found it first). Content that gets us excited because we know we're going to learn more from the website we found it at (After only reading a couple posts)

Is your website doing all this for your viewers?
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    this is very nice tips of Natural seo Thanks
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    Useful information - good content is king I guess.
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    Please stop posting your links in your posts. Self-promotion should be restricted to your signature.
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    Thanks for sharing..
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