google ads are benefiacial or not/

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Is there google ads are beneficial for business promotion or not?what you say?
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  • Yes they are very beneficials. Actually Google used to have a rule that you could not use other contextual ads on your site, but that has since been changed. You can use anyone else you like even in conjunction with Google.
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    Why do you think they are not beneficial? You know, billions of dollars are spend for advertising on Google. And if it is not beneficial, no one spend a penny for that.

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    They are beneficial but they won't affect your organic SERP position. Will just bring you traffic in exchange for $. Depending on your site and the price you pay you can be profitable or you will junt sink lots of money without any return. You can find a free coupon for 75$ and try to see how it goes.
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      Google Ads are beneficial for business promotion but i must tell you that, its not so much effective. If you want to promote business, relevant traffics and powerful backlinks to improve your search engine ranking then you must have to need quality Link building.

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    Originally Posted by Apoorv82 View Post

    Is there google ads are beneficial for business promotion or not?what you say?
    Good question,

    Having been involved from start with Google Adsense and Adwords, oh for the good old days when it was the killer in all of internet marketing. Now, forget about it, too much competition and way too expensive to pay several dollars for a click which is usually just your competition checking you out. lol

    Seriously, the internet is a fast moving target, and what worked yesterday does not mean it will work tomorrow. Google is the gorilla in PPC arena, but ask yourself this, when was the last time you clicked on a PPC paid ad in your search for whatever? For me, just about never unless I am simply researching my competition.

    With that, who do you trust when you search a topic? A fly by night affiliate promoter, or a serious business who has reached the top of the organic search arena the correct way, as in, aged website, solid information relative to your search, not overloaded with useless backlinks and all the garbage blog templates which are useless.

    Times, they are a changing, and PPC is dying for the professional, and being supported by all the no nothing newbies who fall for the BS guru masters who pimp and pump each others next best affiliate deals. lol This tactic is toast for most, but with millions more seeking fame and fortune online, Google is laughing all the way to the bank. When I started the average cost of a click was .15 bid rate. Now it is $1.50 or more, and often $10.00 or more for the highly competitive clicks, so again, the only winner is Google, not the poor soles following all the BS guru's out there in affiliate marketing world.

    Simply put, there are better ways to promote on the internet, and once you learn them, it will save you a ton of money in the long haul. Look at FaceBook, LinkedIn and YouTube, they are presenting severe competition for Google PPC users. The concept I have been using for years is the good old Pay It Forward, Give To Receive, Care To Share People Helping People with Reciprocal Referrals, works like nothing else. PPC income has dropped like a rock over the past few years, so tread carefully newbies.

    Success to all,
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  • Google Ads are benifiacial, It won't affect your search engine results.Its fully your business promotion.
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    They may or may not be beneficial as it all depends upon how you use them. Most of the people (having small budget) end up loosing money in adverts. First you may need to learn indepth before trying.
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      Thanks for all the great replies in this thread.

      I gotta agree with recessionproof and while I'm at it, let me say that the only way to go 'recessionproof" is like he said: by diversification. Adwords/sense is great when used in its proper context. Anyone depending on words for traffic or sense for revenue is missing a far greater opportunity.

      As Rproof said...great sites, great content, organic traffic, build lists, fb, yt, twitter, insta...on and on. It's all beeen done and taught on this forum..go get it

      Like anything else in life: learning, building, implementing, testing, analyzing, and adjusting...but always ACTING!

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    Google ads are definitely beneficial for businesses and websites I've worked with many companies that have experienced great results from running ads in Google. Receiving double, triple, or greater return on ad spend.

    I've also been seeing a ton of businesses gaining success and making money from running ads in Facebook.
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    • A successful PPC campaign gives you a strong marketing competitive advantage. However, you need to invest your money carefully. For maximum results, you should use different strategies along with Google Adwords. Link building, quality content, and organic SEO should be part of your marketing campaign as well.
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    I read above discussion some people are saying that ads are beneficial.somebody's are saying its not beneficial.But i think that google ads are beneficial.but google gives privilege to every ad or there is any criteria for that
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