The Purpose of Strikethrough?

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I am starting to see, and now in this forum, that strikethrough is now being used on user names, thread read counts, and a some thread titles from search results. Likewise, I am also seeing it on user names in blog comments on sites such as Mashable.

Is the intent to tone down users 'seo efforts' not be indexed by search engines...maybe I missed a headline or something but does anyone else know the purpose for this?

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    That's interesting... Would you link an example?

    I've seen it done on banned accounts in the past, on other sites.

    Were these active usernames?
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    Look at your username to the left. Look at the reply count on the main index page.

    UPDATE: I happened to login in my laptop while leaving my desktop logged in. So maybe, I am only seeing strikethrough for being logged in twice? Weird.
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    I do not see any personally.

    I love life an everything in it. Don't worry, be happy.

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    Nobody is using striketroughs. If you are seeing them it is because you have some browser plugin showing them. Probably for nofollow links.
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    Yep - sounds like a nofollow browser add-on.
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    Aha....damn chrome extensions....i forgot i added them....Move along everyone, nothing to see here.
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