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Hey guys,

I had a site whose keyword was on position 12 till yesterday. However upon checking today my site keyword has all of a sudden dropped to number 472.

The strange thing is I haven't done anything different to the back linking efforts and the content remains the same. I'm wondering if this is a temporary thing or if there is no way of possibly knowing at the moment? Can that position be gained again?

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    It is the example of Google dance but don't worry keep doing SEO work properly it will get higher soon.....

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    It completely depends on a NUMBER of different things:

    How new is your site? - If it's under 3 months old you could be seeing a google dance which is actually a good thing b/c usually it comes back at a higher position.

    Panda could have hit - Even though panda started on the 25th, it's a rolling process and it could have had a delayed hit.

    Someone else could have linked to your website with some "questionable" links which is putting it on the fritz..

    etc. etc.
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    From position 12 to position 472 ..I feel your heart beat sound...

    I agree with Redclickseo's first two points.
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    Seems most likely to be the google dance. How old is your site and for how long were you on # 12?

    "There is light at the end of the tunnel. Have some faith and work hard. ALWAYS."

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    Googles constantly changing their filters and what not. Could have been that your site was on the fence of some sort of onpage or backlink penalty and then a small tweak to their algorithm and now your site is on the other side of that fence.
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    Its the dance :]
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    There is the possibility that your content needs updating, try giving it a fresh new look, make sure it is all relevant and above all else, make sure it is Original. Also check that your links are still relevant to the content and that they all link properly to relevant content.
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    May be it’s a simple Google dance or maybe you need to make certain changes in the website or your strategy to maintain the ranking as your ranking is fluctuated a bit. Keep creating quality links with diversified anchor text.
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  • Yeah this is the dancing of Google. Build links slowly and you will get back soon.
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      with a drop like that i would suggest it is a penalty and not a dance, start checking all your onpage factors and continue to add origional content every 5 days at least and continue to build links. Increase your social signals as this may give you a quick boost again
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    It is usual, I would say, it happens when you do some thing repidly, so you have to vary the things your are doing to promote your site, if you are doing link building then build slow link building for better result.

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    It could be Google dance. Don't panick yet, wait a week and see what happens. But a drop from 12th to almost 472 is massive!
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