How to get a permanent rank in google?

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My site is 6 months old and it has 20 pages. The domain is exact match with my main keyword and it was ranked 13 for the medium competitive keyword without having backlinks.I have started link building last month. It was in top 6 for a while then gone. Now it is in 16th position. I build most links by social bookmarking, blog commenting, web2.0s and yahoo answers. I targeted for top 5 but its not coming. Now what more I need to do to get this site in top 5.
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    How to get a permanent rank in google?
    Nothing is permanent in the SERPs.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Nothing is permanent in the SERPs.
      ^^^^^ This

      Or marry one of Larry Page's kids.
      Buy Paragraph, Sentence, and Word Spun Articles
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Nothing is permanent in the SERPs.
      What Yukon said...

      Plus you need to build more content. 20 pages is not a lot of content for most sites.

      Is it for a local company, or an informational site?

      How many keywords are you targeting?

      Have you started targeting the keywords that are organically ranking? If not, you should... Those will take little effort to rank since Google already thinks they are relevant.
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    Nothing is permanent in the SERPs.
    Thanks for the information.
    May I have any instruction from you to get any improvement in SERP.

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    Probably your competition is working harder than you are. I can give you some specific advice if you DM me the keyword, location you are targeting, and the URL.

    Visit my official blog: James Winsoar and learn how to generate 30+ new FREE leads a day on auto-pilot!

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    PM me if you want me to evaluate how your competition compares to you statistically. Social, backlinks etc. On the house, obviously.
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    Thanks for the information. I want the permanent rank of my site in Google.
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      Originally Posted by queuemobile View Post

      You have to targeted content based optimizations,i'm sure you will get the results.
      Please elaborate.

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    Not only SERPs your life is also not permanent...
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    you could have ranked site into top 3 position for over a year 2 , 3 possible more but it won't last permanent, I know site in particular niche that has been ranked #1 for almost 3 years now it's ranked #2 but still on top position, with all these Google algorithm changes you could be one step way to lose your ranking as well Google hostility practices against honest affiliate it's very hard to keep top ranking for the long time...
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      For permanent ranking, using adwords. You will be #1 (assuming you have a good bid + CTR) until your cash runs out or Googles go down.

      Other than that, nothing is permanent.
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    Google won´t tell exactly how their algorithm works and there are updates all the time.For new sites, they always do the so called "Google Dance" where rankings jump up and down.

    Only one thing is 100% certain: The most relevant and helpful content will rank high because Google want to deliver the best possible content to the reader.

    I recommend focusing on creating great helpful content that people want to link to naturally, link schemes will not work long time.
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    Google serp is uncertain. Depending on the popularity and the exposure of your website, you will be ranked accordingly. Do a test like "dont update any of your pages for a while and check your serp start moving back"...
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    Google algorythm is unpredictable. I have a website with one page only, but it got PR 3 till now.
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    Nothing is permanent or guaranteed. Even if you achieve the rankings you desire, they may not “stick”.
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    Nothing is permanent in the SERPs.
    exactly。what we can do is a normal and good optimization all the time.
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    Just make sure that all your SEO/link building activities are in accordance with the Google guidelines.
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  • If you want always be top you must closely watch Google algorithms. We cant predict Google. If may Google change their algorithms you have to follow their guidelines.
    seo services , website developing services contact skype anushasubash
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    Don't worry about it this is what I would consider normal behaviour and I wouldn't expect your keyword to stabilise for a few weeks yet.

    The most important thing to do is carry on building the links as you have been, dont stop or allow that veloicty to drop. If you remain consistent and gently increase the velocity you will see the site reappear at a higher more stable position than it was previously.
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    Seo needs a great search engine optimizer plan.
    Just one of these strategies could make a big distinction in your sites position and company your web site brings you.
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