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I am looking to spend some money to buy a good software or a service that will bookmark my sites to top social bookmarking sites.

Or if there is any website that provide this service for free then let me know

I read somewhere that : SocialMonkee - Your Instant Backlink Builder! is a good one and costs $7

Anyone with experience with Socialmonkee ?

Also I am looking for any websites that can help with link building free or paid let me know

Thanks for the help
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    SocialAdr, can be used for free or paid if you like it...
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    Probably not what your looking for but, FYI - if you advertise via You Tube or forums like this one, both hold major clout with google, thus google loves them. In example; if you create a you tube video that's keyword rich and then go to a cheap place like fiverr and get a bunch of backlinks for $5 you will often find your site rating at the top of google for it's keywords. It's simple and fast.
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    Thanks for your views . I have signed up for Socialadr will check it out.
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    You want social bookmarks? Then do yourself a favor and get Social Bookmarking Software, Social Bookmarking Tool

    That software will do wonders for you...
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    Goes out of my budget . I need a cheaper alternative to BookmarkingDemon even something Semi automatic would do.
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    BookmarkingDemon is a good software for it.
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    Anyone with first hand experience with using SocialMonkee - Your Instant Backlink Builder! ?
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      I am using social monkee but right now they have some problems.
      Over 80% of the social bookmarks was deindexed with Google penguin update and now they are trying to fix this but they are slowly.
      Now i am very mad on them because they didn t say anything about this problem and i find it myself.
      I don t recomand social monkee until they don t fix that problem.
      I use social adr and i must say is a great tool.
      Social adr let you do free accounts.It s great.
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    Thanks for the heads up bolocancristian ... I have signed up for Social Adr is it worth buying the premium package thr?
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      I have signed up a free account and i want first to try it to see if it works well. If i am satisfied of it i think seriously to buy a premium account. Sign a free account and see what is all about and then you can buy a premium too, in my opinion.
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        Social adr vs onlywire

        Which do you guys feel is better?
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          Originally Posted by TuNguyen View Post

          Social adr vs onlywire

          Which do you guys feel is better?
          They are extremely different, with SocialAdr other people post your link, in OnlyWire its your accounts.

          about SocialMonkee, do yourself a favour and do not use it !
          "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
          Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    Want to share my 2ยข here with social monkee:

    I was referred by some well known SEO guru to this website and I blindly followed the path.

    Now when I went to sign up, it said that the free 25 links a day offer is not available in my country. So I bought a premium account that cost me $47 (100 links to 3 urls/day)

    I submitted to sites. I was using this for one of my sites I was promoting back than (pre penguin time)

    When I submitted and got the backlink report, I checked some of the URLs. They look like social bookmarking sites loaded will all type of links and all. The root domain of those sites had an average page rank of 1-3. Some even had PR4, so I was happy.

    Lately after penguin, they had new rules. Now the drip feed has to be longer and they will review each link for quality control. This gives an idea that they have been hit.

    When now I checked these sites I saw the root domains had 0 or N/A page rank. This means that the backlinks I am getting will have less than a penny worth of juice. So all the effort for filling up the the spunned title and description will have no value.

    I think these sites, for an example:

    2 Learn About It

    is a new site. But checking the domain age, it shows that the domain is 1 year and 5 months old.

    So by that time there would be a page rank for this website. Now that they have no PR, this sure means that these sites has been hit by the panda/penguin.

    Or take a look at this site: Property Insurance News

    -does it sounds like a bookmarking site? But there is links for all sort of topics. There is no way to sign in or register

    ================================================== ======

    When I went to google webmaster tools. I saw that the links were indexed rapidly. Like my new site had over 95 unique domains linking to me. It made me feel happy.

    But soon after few weeks (April 2012 - penguin time) I saw the links being decreasing.

    ================================================== ======

    So what will work?

    I suggest you invest in the major social media players:

    facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, linkedin and stumbleupon (a huge traffic getter)

    Be social and create a network of friends who can like or tweet your url's <= this goes a long way.

    Here is a gig I used from fiverr: this adds multiple social shares from twitter, facebook, digg, pinterest and linkedin: Mlig4u will deliver 50 delicious saves, 50 twitter retweets, 50 linkedin shares, 50 pinterest repins, 100 facebook likes for $5, only on

    ^this is not automated junk. They use real people to share in exchange for credits.

    ================================================== ======


    I researched KW and then wrote a post: How to Promote Your Music

    The KW was: "How to promote your music"

    I promoted it through facebook, asked people to share/like. Asked people to tweet/retweet. Added on stumbleupon and nothing more. I didn't even used any fiverr gigs or automated stuff.

    It sits at #2 on google for that exact KW and gets 100 hits a day from google.

    ================================================== ======

    What works and what doesn't? Just use your common sense my friend.
    Tamal Anwar C.
    I transform old outdated 1990s/2000s websites
    into a fresh site of present time
    Learn How
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    Thanks for the heads up Tamal and thanks for your thoughts and the fiverr gig link I'll definitely give it a shot.
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