Started a authority site any advice ?

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Hello all, I have just setup a authority website it's early days at the moment. I have 200 articles set to go out at one a day.

I have started building some good quality links for some tough keywords.

It's focused on Adsense mainly with some click bank products.

Do I go for large link building campaign or do I just let the site pick up momentum ?

I have targeted 3 major keywords which all together will target around 20'000 searches per month. I am also making the articles keyword rich targeting low competition keywords with low search volume, around 250 searches per month.

Any other ideas ?
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    I would go slow and steady, its great you have the content all set up to go. Just make sure any link you get back to your site try your best to make sure its some how related to your subject.

    Since you dont need to focus much on content for a while spend some time trying to engage visitors via social media and paid advertising

    Good luck !
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    You are on the right track with the 200 articles at 1 per day, i am guessing you will be using wordpress as your platform? There are some very useful tools you should use. I like to use the following:

    - broken-link-checker.1.6.2
    - seo-ultimate.7.2.1
    - wp-stats-dashboard

    I find them quiet useful, when using SEO Ultimate you can do a deeplinking with your internal links. This will allow the search engines to crawl your site nicely

    Best of luck
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    Focus on sharing the content socially. That's more important that 'SEO' for a brand new site. Built relevant social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr).

    Just post one article per day like you're doing but actively seek out visitors instead of waiting for the Google gravy train to come in. It likely won't.
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    Every time a new post comes out you should share it on social networking sites. This does a few things.

    1. You're getting traffic to your new site = Clicks to your Adsense ads.
    2. You're building yourself up as an expert in that field.
    3. You're building your brand.
    4. You're attracting people to link to your site because they will see you have a brand and that you are an expert in that field.

    The snowball will just start getting bigger.
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    A quick suggestion - as already mentioned the social engagement is important.

    Furthermore, make sure you're On Page SEO is 100% - a thing many people often forget is to interlink content with relevant keywords.

    Another important thing is to link out - donĀ“t be afraid to use do follow links, and link to authority sites like Wiki relevant to your keyword.

    I guess your site is already indexed, but another advice is not to put ads on site before it is indexed and get traffic. I usually wait 1-2 months before I install Adsense.
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    For starting off with the SEO on your Niche site you may want to go after the "low hanging fruit" keyword phrases before trying to go after 3 phrases that are getting 20K visits a month. This means target phrases that may only have 320-1000 visits a month according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and lower competition.

    I've used this method on numerous personal sites and I've had great results. It allows me to get strong results with minimal investment (low competition phrases are cheaper / easier to rank for) then as my traffic and AdSense payouts go up each month, I target more and more aggressive keywords. This really reduces your initial investment and lets the Website start to pay to SEO itself within a few months.
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    On a slightly different topic than most of the above, I'd make sure to consider your site structure heavily. That's my best advice.

    If you are truly looking to post 200 articles and make an authority site, make sure that you have taken some time to figure out your site navigation and menu schemes, etc. Changing the location of articles later could be difficult or change URLs.

    Plan for expansion and how users would actually use the site, since that's what an authority site really is.

    Beginning Marketer

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    You should talk to JaRyCu on the forums here he is the expert on Authority Sites. PM him.
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