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Ok I need some insight on a seo strategy that I am putting together. I searched my neich on google external tool, chose the closest relevant key words related to my target neich and I bought all domain names that were exact match to the key words people were using. I figured that if I set up 7 blog/resource sites and optimized them for the exact match key word/domain name I would get first page in google and I could drive traffic from theses blogs to my main site. My question is do I need to optimize my entire site for the exact match keyword/domain name, and then optimize each page for the article key word that I am trying to get indexed? Some experience would be highly appreciated thank you...
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    Backlinks, good content, professional web designing of your site and patience
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    Not a bad idea on paper, but you are going to be working hard. All those sites should be on separate servers, and each one will need unique content and backlinks built to them. Be careful how you link them together. The safest plan would be to Not link them together...just have each one link to the main website.
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    getting indexed is easy part, just submit your website to pingler , pingomatic, and there's search engine free submitter on the net. The thing to know is that you pick the right keyword to monetize and the right kw for the competition. I recommend free tool like market samurai or traffic travis to do the research part.

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    Technique #1:

    Article Marketing: By far, the best SEO strategy is the process of article marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing articles about your product, service, company, site or industry and submitting these articles to the top article directory websites online so that consumers can find them. I

    Technique #2:

    Social Networking: The next best search engine optimization technique is the process of social networking. They are website platforms that allow people to socialize with one another through posts, messages and instant messaging systems. Social networking websites have become so popular amongst people, search engines go to these websites to find out what Americans are talking about. If you can get people to talk about your site in social networking sites, your site will show up better in search engines.

    Technique #3:

    Forum And Blog Linking:. This is the process of getting links to your site placed on sites owned by other Americans. The two best ways to build back links to your website outside of social networking and article marketing is forum and blog linking. Starting with forums, this is the process of using forum sites to answer questions posted by people about your industry. After each answer, you should simply leave a link to your website. Also, blogs are sites made up of tons of articles. Most blog website owners will allow people to comment on their articles and link to their sites from the comments. These links from blog sites are also very valuable!

    That's it, if you do all 3 of these strategy for your website, I am positive that your site will eventually be found on the first page of Google.

    Richard Dalton

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    In short i would tell UNIQUE CONTENT and QUALITY BACKLINKS.
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    Quality Backlinks + Anchor text diversity and Of course High Quality Content on the wesbite .
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    Write good content - give web 2.0 backlinks - then slowly write/increase relevant content on each site

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