My CPC is very Low :(

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I have two problems ..
1 is my Cost per Click is Very Low and Other is that the peoples who visit my site dont Click Ads like they dont see it ..
My daily Page views are around 300-500 but only 0-1 Click per day !!!

Please Help me with Adsense :confused::confused:
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    There is list of things that could be the issue, anyone of them or all of them.

    Let's see,

    1) you got smart priced for having a low quality site (you site may be great, I don't know, just putting that option out there)

    2) The niche/keywords you have are low cpc - what does adwords keyword tool tell you?

    3) Where are your page views coming from. Organic traffic tends to click better (providing other element of your site are in place), but social traffic is in many cases next to useless for ad clicking.

    4) You ad placement could be less than great.

    5) Do you have outbound links on the site that are attractive and getting clicked instead of the ads.

    There is a few reasons off the top of my head.
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    Darren pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you want people to click your ads then think about your positioning of ads and remove any conflicting outbound links.
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