25 Ways to Get Penalized in 2012

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1. Cheap spam links
2. Paid links that pass PageRank
3. Link exchanges
4. Hiding links in CSS, Javascript or other file types
5. Low distribution of anchor text
6. Excessive link velocity
7. Links from foreign language sites
8. Blog network links
9. Sitewide/footer links
10. Links to and from bad neighborhood sites
11. Broken internal links
12. On-site over-optimization
13. Website downtime
14. Duplicate or scraped content
15. Low value content
16. Spun content
17. Advertising real estate
18. Meta tag keyword stuffing
19. Multiple H1 tags
20. Cloaked pages
21. Doorway pages
22. Hidden or manipulative content
23. Abuse of automated query tools
24. Hacked websites
25. Promoting black hat techniques

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    I think this all are unique tips for stop penalized the site from search engine. thanx!
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    Some of those are questionale, but "Promoting black hat techniques" is just silly.
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      ...and you know all of these because someone told you or because you have tried some of these techniques?
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    Had you experience any of these?
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    The main reasons i know ;
    + Backlink building so much in a short period of time
    + over exchage links with irrelevent sites
    + Popups sitewide
    + Over Onpage optimization
    + cloak content
    + copyright issues

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      Thanks a lot for this great post. These 25 ways are really bad for any website. So, avoid these stuffs and be safe your website from penalized.

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  • Profile picture of the author Ezra Anderson
    Most of these will definitely get your site penalized, but not all of them.


    -Excessive link velocity. This will not get your site penalized. As long as they are all quality backlinks, then you can have 100 backlinks made to your site in a day and Google wouldn't care.

    -Links from foreign language sites. We live in a day when websites can be instantly translated from one language to another, so it's very possible that legitimate links are made from a Spanish website to an English website. And if legitimate links are made this way, Google would not make this a factor that penalizes your website.

    -Advertising real estate. So if my website has ads on it, it's going to be penalized...? I sure hope not, because I love my AdSense sites!

    Overall though, this is a pretty good list.
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    Not all true. I am speaking from experience.

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    nice list you have made..thanks for the share
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  • Profile picture of the author n0tr3v3
    Dude you do realise you have spun content on that list, why not say poorly spin articles and non readable articles are the best ways to get penalized......

    That is a misinformation and many newbie will suffer dearly and continue to spam the forum asking even more question about spinning articles.
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    Why don't you just name one...building links lol
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    Nice point.......
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    If I had a link I wanted to spam, it would be here.

    Obviously OP is spam.
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