Panda 3.8 Update: What to do now?

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Most of us must have heard about the latest Panda 3.9 update last July 24,2012.

I am wondering what link building practices are still considered "effective" after all these updates.

Also, what's the best way to get links from blog comments?
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    I never liked blog comments and with every Google update they will be more worthless unless they are coming from high PR pages not only websites.
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    Create backlinks of good quality in a natural manner. What constitutes natural, you may ask? A natural manner is when the backlinks are built at a moderate pace (20-50 daily for new sites) and the creation of backlinks is steady. If you spam your website with 100,000 Forum Profiles, you will most likely be impacted negatively.
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    diversify your anchor text and continue to build high quality links
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    I think it depends on the PR ranking of the blog. I still think i get higher PR ranking though commenting on forums, as (a) not many .gov or .edu blog comments are accepted and (b) most blog comments are low in ranking. However, its always a negative for keyword ranking. The problem is you have to spend a lot of time looking and searching for quality blogs that will add value to your SEO.
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    Some of my strongest links (according to SEOMOZ), are from blog comments. It is well worth the time to find blogs posts with good PageRank (> PR2), read the post, make a relevant and interesting comment and don't worry too much about getting your anchor text in the link.

    So where do you find good blog pages to comment on? A backlink analysis on your competitors or high-ranking SEO companies is a good place to start.

    What you can also do is find the most popular stories on blogs in Digg. They may be PR0 today, but if it is popular in Digg, you can bet it will eventually get linked to and the PR will increase. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.
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    First Update your Question ......Its not 3.8 its 3.9.
    This update mainly focuses on the social media links. the more you have the more you will get.
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    Originally Posted by ao5000001 View Post

    I am wondering what link building practices are still considered "effective" after all these updates.
    Everything that worked before, still works now. Nothing has changed.
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    Nothing has changed. Just write original content often and build a few good quality links to them with diverse anchor text.
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