like an idiot i went an did this

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trying to boost up my number 1 earner on adsesns about 6-10$ a day i posted an ad on cl with a naked link to my site and my site dropped to about 50 its been hovering around there. i deleted the post so hopefully it will rise again.
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    LOL your adsense can get banned if you post some contents like that
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    really i wont do it no more.. thnk god i did not get banned
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    Its not an instant ban.. You might still get banned for it - No way to know until it happens.

    But I'd start looking in to alternative ways to monetize your site now, that way if it does happen you have a backup plan in place.

    I recommend going with banners for affiliate products and/or CPA offers. Thats what I did when I got banned, & it made a lot more money than I ever did with adsense on the sites.

    However, there are much easier ways to make money online than running a blog or website. I did that stuff for years & just got bored with it eventually.

    So instead of paying the hosting, I let them all expire & cancelled the plan.. Turned out to be a great decision so far lol

    BUT everyone has different skills and interests, so don't let this sound like I'm telling you to stop blogging or making sites. If that's what you like to do & what you are good at, then keep at it.

    Anyway.. definitely start looking for an alternative to adsense, that way you aren't stuck wondering "what do I do now???" if they do ban your account.
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