Modifying backlinks to increase rankings

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Good morning Warriors:

Will changing my clients backlinks help improve their rankings?

When I say change I mean modifying their anchor text, anchor URL etc.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellow Warriors.
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    Not enough information given to answer that. Why do you want to change it?
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      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      Not enough information given to answer that. Why do you want to change it?
      Good point. The reason I'm wanting to modify some of my clients current backlinks is because the individual who was handeling the clients that I'm now responsible for was utilizing poor backlinking strategies.

      e.g.- On average, he's got 2 or 3 backlinks per blog post with the same anchor text.

      He also has those backlinks pointing to the same URL, which doesn't make sense to me. You really only want 1 backlink per blog post, and it's definitely good to diversify the anchor URL.

      So do you think I should just focus on creating quality backlinks and not worry about his poor off-page BS?
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    Instead of modifying existing backlinks, why not use that time and effort to generate new ones, seems alot more productive.
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    I don't think that, Modifying backlinks is the right way to get ranking because the backlinks are already generated with that anchor text & url and search engine robot also crawled it. So, don't do any changes on it and I suggest you to generate new backlinks for your client websites.
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    The only reason I see to modify then is if the anchor text is not a keyword you are going for.
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    Changing the anchors can help reduce possible penalties. Could get time consuming though.
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