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Hello Friends???

I have an official page of my company on FaceBook. But I don't know how to increase its like! Can you guys help me in this?
Can you people tell me how to increase my page likes??

Thanks in advance.
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    Hey sabreena I think you should try addmefast[dot]com & keeko[dot]com
    Hope these sites help you
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      How many facebook friends you have? you can show facebook page to your friends.
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      Originally Posted by onkar View Post

      Hey sabreena I think you should try addmefast[dot]com & keeko[dot]com
      Hope these sites help you
      You have replied very nicely but can you tell me please how they are effective to get potential visitor to the website. They are useful to increase only the number of facebook likes not to your visits or business.

      According to me you must have to apply ads on your facebook fan page. If you can't afford that then you should have to go to the same fan pages and check out the users whose are interested to likes their posts and updates. invite them to like your page.

      Its my way of working

      Good luck....!!!
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    Thanks your onkar for yor reply i am using it daily but no likes are coming i don't what is going on,,,,,,,,, can you tell me anyother tool????
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    Hi, You can share you Facebook Fanpage among your friends and group members to get good like on your Fanpage.

    webbloggers.net : Social media blog | Content Writing Services
    Follow me : Facebook | Twitter

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    are you looking for real or fake likes ... real likes you will need some king of viral app when a person likes you page it will make them post you page on their status or fake likes go to fiverr
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      You should get many friends for you profile first. The max number is 5000. Then try to interact with them and ask them to like your page, they will be sure to like your page. In the meantime, you can ask them to suggest your page to their friends. In this way, you will get many real likes for your page.
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    Try to get as many friends as you can and suggest your page to them. Integrate your social media accounts to your website. Publish something interesting information or you can offer some discounts for Facebook users.
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    Try this and I am sure this will help you a lot about facebook likes. http://getlikehits.com

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      Try to get as many friends as you can and suggest your page to them.
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      Email - johnbetum [AT] gmail [Dot] com
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    Try this technique... You just have to create a facebook like contest... Allow your subscribers to submit pictures, just set a theme related to your business. The thing is... Your contestants will be the ones doing an effort to campaign for your Facebook likes
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    Hi Sabreena,

    You can't hide from the fact that Facebook users want content. They want something they can't get from anywhere else. If they've 'Liked' your Facebook fan page, then they will see your wall posts... Is the content your putting out to your fans interesting? Is it something that they REALLY want to read / watch and supposing it is, is it something that they are likely to want to share with their friends.

    There are no easy rides here - unless you buy fake likes from Fiverr, and even they are useless to your business any way.

    So take a hard look at your company and what content you're putting out, and ask yourself, is it something that you would be interested in and is it something that you will want to share with your friends? And if it's not, then there is your answer.

    I hope that helps spark up some ideas for you...

    I'm a Facebook Competitions and Promotions Expert. If you want more strategies and techniques related to competitions and promotions, just let me know and I'll be glad to share some of my knowledge.
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    Go to facebook pages related to your market. I am not telling about competitor's pages, I am telling about the pages where your company's products are the main subject of discussion. Contact the admin of that page. Request to promote your page.

    You may not find every page is approving your request but if some of them accepts your request, you will get some likes and those likes will bring more likes to your site.

    Facebook likes are very cheap to get but it is hard to get likes which will be active and useful for the company. If you use this techniques, you will get real likes.
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