Youtube sticky comments - How does it work?

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Hi warriors,

does anyone know how the 2 sticky comments on a Youtube video work?

Is it just the number of likes they get or is there a time frame in which they are "degraded".

They are certainly not sticky for good, cause I ve seen a lot of 130 likes comments one day, and a couple of days later there is only a 35 like and a 13 like comment in the "sticky" part.

Anyone have a clue?

Sincerely, Buyseech
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    I think the most fresh and relevant comments stick on the front page, in terms of likes. So for example if the comments change direction and a new person creates a new comment that gets likes an older comment will drop off.

    They are quite weird actually. I've had comments stick up for years after being liked, while others seem to disappear when a more relevant comment to the discussion currently taking place gets liked enough times.

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    So far I have figured out that likes play a major role, but certainly not the only role.

    Eventually they dropp of, but is it based on time, views or any other factor...dunno.

    I could see some potential, with a catchy youtube username and a few "accounts acting on your behalf" with relevance in mind of course.
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