Paid directories, worth it or not ?

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I found this site with a lot of "good" directories on it, all are paid directories :

Paid directories, best paid directories list, top paid directories

Do you think i should submit my site to 5-6 of them ? Or Google already knows that those websites are crap ? They look like crap for most of them.
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    You're right, most of them are crap.

    These are worth considering though:
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    other than yahoo paid dir, other are simply crap
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    I agree with you most them are crap and don't just worth the money
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      I've setup some webdirectories myself on expired PR5 domains, sure that works pretty well when there are only few listings,

      Not sure how effective it will be when there are 10.000+ listings.
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    Thanks i'm registering on them, i already submitted to
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    What I do is inspect the page where my actual listing is going to show up. A PR 6 domain is not worth paying for if my listing is going on a PR 0 or PR n/a page. I also want to see how many other listing there are. If I am going to be 1 of 75 on that page, I'm not buying.
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    Some great paid directories from me:
    # InCrawler Directory
    # AbiLogic Directory
    # Aviva Directory
    # Alive Directory
    # Uncover the Net
    # Utmost Directory
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    I never use paid directory..Just use free directory, out of budget if I use that
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    I won't recommend you for paid directories. Just few days some one posted on this forum how his client got slapped by Google for paid directories links. And, now he is paying more to get those links removed.

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    Yeah if even after paying many other sites are also getting a link then no point in buying them. As it dilutes the link juice. I like Yahoo Directory and DMoz (free).

    Directories do benefit but the results are pretty slow.
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    Whether if it is paid or free check the quality and PR of the website.
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    High PR directories are still effective , though its a very old technique, Its still working , but be moderate and be natural.
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    Obviously, people need a tool to tell which directory is good, which is bad, and which is better. I spent some time designing it - see my signature. Directories are ranked by Authority/Price ratio. Some of them with small pagerank and little authority charge much more for website review than well-established directories with a record.
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    It's worth, if you are want to high rank for your website.
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    Paid directories are worth that extra money IF they are niche specific. I know people say directories lost their value, but I believe niche specific directories still carry some value.
    Jacob Sterbenk, JV Manager
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    Its not worth it besides Google can penalize your site for getting links from paid directories. Although few paid directories work.
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  • I do not advise you to spend your money on paid directories. Most of these sites do not really last long and most of them shared the same IP, which will make Google suspicious if you have a lot of backlinks from these sites.

    Instead, focus on quality backlinking like guest posting, forum posting, blog commenting, and so on.
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