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What I Have:
*A blog in the women dating niche. Keyword research, articles and on-page SEO all done and ready.
*3 FB pages with landing pages, a 12 step email follow-up program, three free reports and affiliate products all ready to go. Search for "Learn Yoga With Rob" on FB to see one of the pages.

Who I am:
* I currently study Computer Science at a very good university.
* I am very tech savvy & have a good understanding of programming, math, web, SEO, etc, but am new to IM
* I have never made a dime online, but I am highly motivated and learn fast.
*Am an entrepreneur by heart and will invest my earnings in starting a larger business later. (Probably within biotech)

I'm Looking for an experienced marketer:
* To assist me take my online business to the next level.
* Learn traffic and conversion optimization
* I am currently a student and finances are very tight, I am hoping to make this situation better. If you think you can help I would like to hear from you regardless of your IM skills.

What I can offer:
* One hardworking, motivated CS student on your team, doing all the work.
*The satisfaction of helping a young guy just starting out on his own.
* I am willing to give you a good cut of the three ready to go FB campaign or dating blog (or both).

What I'm Looking for in You:
* We have to get along. You could be the most successful person in the world but that means little to me. I have my own personality. You have your's. If it doesn't match. There is little point.
* You have to practice what you preach and learn me how to make a campaign successful.
* The backend is mostly all in place, therefore I am primarily looking for a traffic specialist (media buys/Google ad words/FBads) and/or experienced email marketer.

I'm happy to talk/reveal a lot more via email, but not here please.

Note: I cannot respond to PM's as I don't have the necessary post count.

Please email me on alfredp22( at )Hotmail( dot )com

I look forward to hearing from you and we can discuss further.
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    Don't have the time to help you but just wondering if you're so hard working and smart, why don't you try and learn for yourself through this of these forums?

    Not many people in this forum will be willing to teach you their money maker for a cut of your websites profit when they can just do it themselves and get 100% of it.

    I can relate with you in that I'm an engineer undergraduate (at a pretty good uni as well ) but an entrepreneur at heart. The thing with IM is that it's totally different to both, not harder, not easier, just different. The biggest tip I can give you is to think like the visitor. What would it take for you to buy something from your own site? You get that down, and you're 90% there.

    Also interesting is that I started in the dating niche. Quite a good little niche to work with because desperate guys/girls= willing to pay money

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    Tanks for your reply ichl13. As you say, this can be learned by researching and asking around on the forum. This is certainly something I am and will continue doing, but in my experience having someone that have been in your situation and can point you in the right direction or to the not so obvious solutions greatly raises the chances of succeeding.

    When it comes to "giving away their secrets" or that they can just do it themselves I would argue that that is not my point, on the contrary. Everyone and maybe especially IM seek efficiency and least work/highest gain in everything they do. If they can get a 10k cut with just 1/hr of advice in things they already know, where I do all the hard work, I would say that is a decent investment.

    Thanks for supporting my niche choice, I think it is a rather good one as well.
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    If you say you're an entrepreneur by heart I would definitely 2nd the notion of diving in and learning yourself. If you're smart and hard working there's tons of money to be made online and the key to doing that is learning and taking advantage of what you learn. I don't think you're going to find anyone successful to bite on this because its not worth the time. The best you're gonna get is someone who really doesn't know much, who says they do and ends up taking advantage of your skills. Just my 2 cents.
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    Actually.. this can be learned simply by reading the forums and not being afraid to try things yourself. I think I have asked 1 question on the forum total...but I have read nearly everything in the Adsense forum and countless google searches for answers.

    No better teacher then first hand experience
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