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Hi everyone,

I just wondered what the general consensus is on using GWMT and Analytics is?

I am using them still and haven't noticed any ranking drops as a result.

Wondered everyone elses views on it?


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    Are you expecting to lose rankings or gain from using these tools? I use both on most of my sites without any issues that I've noticed.

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    • I've heard a few people bounce round the idea that using them is a bad idea because its allowing google to see everything you are doing.

      I tend to disagree because I believe google sees everything regardless of whether you choice to use GWMT or not.
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    I think if you use te data they provide they can certainly help your rankings. Just installing them and hoping that your rankings will magically go up won't happen
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    Hi, I am not sure if anyone here can help? I wanted to ask how long it will take to get my site listed on Google? Is there anything I can do t make my site get some 'Google Love' LOL! I mean, where can I get good traffic from? Sorry if this is a stupid question
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      This question was a bit off topic, but I hope I can help here.

      Google will index your site as soon as the find it.
      If you use the submit a site feature on the Google site, then this could take a month or more.
      A faster option will be to have a website that is visited regularly point to your site. A good example would be a popular forum site like here. And on many of the posts her will see that Warrior Members have link to their sites. This is one reason why.

      As for traffic, Google and the other search engines are a good source of traffic, but they are not the only source, and possibly not even the best source of traffic.

      To see what I mean by this, have a look through the modules for the Complete Guide to Traffic ( ) . If you do you will see that the module titles will give you some inspiration on different traffic sources. You should find 20 to 30 different ideas here, and this is not and exhaustive list!
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  • Thanks for the reply but I dont think i've made my point clear as to what I was asking.

    Does anyone believe that using webmaster tools or analytics is a bad idea??
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    The can only help you do better. Why were you under the impression that they could hurt your rank?
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    Google webmasters and Analytics are the two weapons through which you can get a path to walk upon taking their help.I am using both to get suitable results for my keywords.Why you think they are going to hurt your rankings???
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  • As previously stated, I didnt see a problem with using them.

    There are a few ideas being bounced around by seo guys saying that using wmt allows google to see exactly what you are doing and therefore its best to stay away from all google related products.

    My argument is that it doesnt matter if you use the tools or not google knows what you are up to anyway.

    Just wanted confirmation that I was right
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      I have also heard people state that after implementing webmaster tools/analytics their rankings have dropped. Now this could be coincidence - who knows. With analytics, Google will be able to see how visitors are navigating through your site along with bounce rates etc. To my knowledge, Google can't 'see' this data unless you give permission by installing analytics. Perhaps they could then identify your site as being 'irrelevant' if the bounce rate is too high for certain keywords thus dropping your rankings?

      Webmaster tools doesn't really offer information that Google can't already access...maybe the sitemap, but not sure what kind of impact it would have.
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