Adsense second email-how to respond?

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Hi everybody

I have got two emails from adsense,
the first told that wait for the application to be accepted , bla bla bla..
the second told that the application was accepted but i have to place the code on the site before google finally approve my adsense application.

Actually i forgot about the whole thing and after a while i started my new relationship advice blog and made a new google account and a new adsense account, but after filling the application, they sent me an email telling that there is another account with the same information and i have two options:

The first:
is to keep the old account which has already been accepted but i have to place the ads before the final approval.

The second: is to continue with the second account but i have to fill another application to tell them that i want to transfer my adsense account from the old one to the new one.

For me, i preferred the second option, however when filling the application, there was something called the customer id which is provided within the old account.
so, i opened the old account and copied the customer id. after that i pasted it in the field of the customer id in the transfer application... but..

a message appeared and said "please enter a valid customer id" . i repeated the same process many times , but the messages just appeared in every time.

so i went with the first choice (remeber it? sorry for the long story) which is to continue with the old account. So i created a new ad unit as they call it and placed the code on my website.. but... Neither any ads appeared nor google emailed me to say anything about the new published ads!!

Okay.. here is my question.. what do you think.. does it mean that the old account is not valid cuz of the unvalid customer id? if so, what should i do?

Please answer, because the guys at google adsense forum do not do anything except that they either blame anything on you or just disappoint you
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