How do you guys do keyword research?

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I am willing to know how you guys find best keywords for a website. Please share your knowledge.
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    I use Market Samurai for most of my keyword research to see if a keyword is even worth looking into. You can get a free trial and watch there training video's on how to see what is good and what's not. It gives you a good guildeline but once you narrow in on a word and it looks good then you should have a good hard long look at the competition and analyze their backlink structure and their anchor text, how much content they have and so on.
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      Originally Posted by Sudeep View Post

      i use google adwords keyword tool for keyword research.
      Same, + i use google insight to know keyword trend !!
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    I use market samurai :-)

    then once I have found the keywords that i want to target I go and look through them the old fashioned way to make sure I am making the right decision :-)

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    There are a few ways to go about this. You can use Google's keyword tool which is a free tool. Or you can use a paid software like market samurai or even traffic travis. All are great to use. If you have the budget I would suggest using a paid software. It will save a lot of time and hassle.
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    SerpIQ has been the biggest help to me so far. It has a lot of the same features as market samarai, along with a few others and I have found it to be amazingly accurate. Both of them are good choices though in my opinion.

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    I watch the keyword research videos from Market Samurai and then do basically the opposite of everything they tell you to do.
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    • Create a list of keywords related to your topic. Use a keyword research tool like Google Adwords to analyze each keyword and determine its search volume, competition and other relevant data. Focus on keywords and key phrases with high search volume and low or medium competition.
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    I just use Google Keyword Tool. And take advantage on the categories found in the Columns drop down.
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    The same to me, I also use Google adward tool to seach keyword.
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    Depends what kind of site you're looking to build. If you're trying to do keyword research for micro niche sites I made a post here on warriorforum about that.

    For authority sites there are a lot of different ways you can approach it. I've used webmaster tools to find some keywords i'm already ranking for and then I elaborated on them. More recently I've also used a strategy where I just used the keyword tool to find related keywords and went for the extremely low hanging fruit.
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  • Good question here sandeepsinghyadav300,

    Using a free keyword tool like Google’s is a great first step and if you are using the keywords in a PPC campaign, not much further research is needed. If you plan on using the words for SEO however, you should either use a method by hand or purchase some software to do it for you. I highly recommend buying software if this is something you are doing professionally. Something like WebCEO is a good one.

    If you are doing it by hand you could try using either the KEI (Keyword effectiveness index) or a results to searches method. The KEI method is great for measuring competitiveness of keywords and keyword phrases. Results to searches is slightly less accurate however it is a more straight forward formula.

    This link explains the KEI method,

    KEI - Keyword effectiveness index - SEO firm

    Results to searches is tedious but it can offer some insights into your chosen list of keywords. It will show you words that are moderately competitive with high search volume.

    Here is also a post on innovative research ideas,

    Keyword Research Techniques You Might Not Use, But Should - YouMoz | SEOmoz

    Good luck with your research,

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    Originally Posted by sandeepsinghyadav300 View Post

    I am willing to know how you guys find best keywords for a website. Please share your knowledge.
    Google Keyword Tool
    Market Samurai
    Traffic Travis (Double Checking Competition)
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    I head on to Google keyword tool for keyword research. But if you use this tool make sure to match the type from broad to exact or you can use both.

    You might wanna check out these other keyword tools. Hope it helps.

    1. Wordtracker's free tool
    2. Google suggest
    3. SEO book keyword suggestion tool
    5. Good keywords - a 500 kb program

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    I use Google Adwords tool to research my keywords and it is the best tool.Also Market Samurai is a good tool but its not free like Google Adwords Tool.
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    Depends on what's the end purpose of keyword research. If I'm planning an adwords campaign, I need as many keywords as possible - alongwith all long-tail keywords. So for adwords, I would suggest to -
    1) use adwords tool to search related keywords
    2) club it with google suggestions
    3) and then create your own keywords by using various combination of words

    But if I need keywords for SEO campaign, I am not bothered about quantity of keywords. I want the top 10 keywords which I need to initially target. So to do that, I use
    1) Market samurai to give me all keywords and their competition
    2) And then throw some long-tail keywords in the mix using google suggestion

    That's it. It should give you enough keywords to serve your needs.
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    basically i used google adwords for keyword research. but i am intending to buy few paid tools for keyword research

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    Google Adwords is effective for this. Further, it’s free.
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  • Profile picture of the author arielparconjr
    Google Adwords is effective for this. Further, it's free.
    The Idea Marketplace Blog:
    News, Guest Post, Tech, Opinion, Entertainment, Tips, How To, and Fashion
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    I use Google Adword's Keyword research tool to find best variation of keywords with good search count. Then i check the competition of the keywords on Google and after this finalize the keywords for the website.


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    use google keyword toll, google insights and google trends. Google adwords tool is the best to prepare the list of relevant keywords. It is very user friendly.

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    I do use Google Adwords Keywords Research Tool for my website.
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    Google adwords is the best tools available out there, I always use It
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    Google adwords to research keyword and spyfu to calculate cost/click
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    I use google insight, is good too
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    I do manual research via Google keyword tool.
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    adwords and PageRankPage

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    I am using Google Keyword External tool and it is giving amazing results.
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    try this site ... example keyword : "news"

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      I use Google Adword Tool for the purpose of keyword research.
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    I also use google adsense keyword Research tool
    But there are good and bad ways of doing keyword research
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    Keyword research is one of most important task.I have used Google adword and wordtracker both for searching my keywords.I don't prefer to select high competitive keywords but yeah most popular one.I also search for competitors keywords and strategies.
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    Keyword research is like gold mining.
    I'm happy to tell people HOW I do it, but I'd never tell them WHERE!

    If you want to do good keyword research you have to practice it a lot and always look for ways to improve on your process.

    Getting creative with it is important to differentiate your process and find the nuggets other people are missing.

    Sometimes I spend 3 hours at a time doing research and come up empty handed. But when I hit paydirt I hit hard and it really pays off.

    I spent 6 hours over the past 2 days and came up with 10 click relevant keywords in the same niche that pay a legitimate $3-5 per click and have very low competition in the SERPS.

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    Keyword research is the core in ranking your website, if you don’t have a competitive keyword, then you are left behind. For you to get a competitive keyword, you can do keyword research using Google Adwords Tools or if you want to be more accurate, you can buy the SAMURAI software.
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