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Just Wondering .
I read somwhere that google only really pay attention to the first 2 tags,does this apply to bing etc and is it worth putting in other tags?

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    It's good to cover all aspects of on-page SEO...you never know who's looking and when the "rules" will change!
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  • Good question ianbirch,

    Google (and other search engines) pay attention to all header tags on a page. They are an indication or summary of the content that will be found below them. It is important to remember that (like with other factors used to rank a page), if headers are over optimized, Google and other search engines will penalize you.

    Check out this post about header tags. It refers to blogger however the same idea applies to all websites,

    Header tags - Blogger Help

    Check out this thread where posters on SEOMoz talk about the importance of ordering header tags appropriately,

    Header Tags | SEOmoz Q&A

    Hope this helps,

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    I am note sure for Bing like h1 tags does this apply to bing or not but I think is matters also in Bing ! Basically h1 tag is used to cover all aspects of on-page SEO. So it would matter also in Bing.
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    You should use at least 1 heading tag, you also need to bold some relevant keywords on the pages, the main keywords should be in meta title and description.
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    H1, H2, H3 tag is very important for seo perspective

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    So it does pay to have more than 2 tags as long as they are not over optimized.ian
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    I think probably it is same for bing too.
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    You should take care about H1 & H2
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    Hi Ian,

    Heading tags, when used properly, will have an influence on the relevancy of you page, but probably not in way most people on this forum think.

    From the earliest days at Google, they have ignored the tags and instead used the rendered version of the page for analyzing relevancy. So it doesn't really matter if you use the h1 tag or not, it is more important how your keywords are rendered in the browser, that is what really matters.

    You can use an h1, or a div, or a p, or a span tag to achieve the same result. The key is to make you keywords render more prominent than other text on your pages. So you could simply wrap text with a span tag and style that text to render with a larger sized bold font, a distinct color, and make that the most prominent text on the page. Using the h1 tag is semantically correct usage of tags, but that in and of itself has no influence on rankings, it is how the text gets rendered that really matters.

    And naturally, the more text on the page that uses larger and bolder fonts, the less prominent any one particular word will become. It's all relative, you want your most important keywords to stand out from all the other text on the page, that sends the signal to search engines that those words are the most important on that page.
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    You can use H1 to H3 tags according to the content; these tags are considered by google and other search engines.
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    What I have learned till now is that, h1 tag is considered as an SEO secret. It is applied for all search engines. Search engines first look into your page's title, then meta description and then h1 tag. Other tags like h2, h3 etc. come later You might have noticed that SEO Analyzer of Bing Webmasters Tools flags it "red" if you have more than one h1 tags in your page content. It means that you should add only one h1 tag on each page which will describe your page content. If there are more than one h2 or h3 tags, SEO Analyzer neglects. We can conclude from it that Bing also takes h1 tags seriously. It doesn't mean that other content of your website is not important for SEO. Even a small image may also make a difference.... Hope, it will hellp, as I tried to explain it up to my level of understanding.
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    H1 tags is the must this is an on-page condition who use on-page optimization and you can use this tag in the post title that is the very important in the website.
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