How To Gain Domain Authority

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Hi Warriors!

I think that nowadays an import ranking factor is the "Domain Authority".

What do you think about? And how is possible to create a good domain authority?

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    Backlinks from quality websites, and great relevant content on your website. Your PR will increase over time.
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    Domain authority will be given when your domain will have the match with the contents and keywords of your website. Domain authority helps a lot to rank a website higher in search engines.
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    Sites with domain authority have LOTS of links from many diverse sources.
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    I recommend that you make good content and have it be consistent. Usually sites that have the most authority are news sites and wiki. Both types of sites have loads of content and are good with linking.
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    Gaining domain authority is not an easy task.One has to build quality backlinks and provide every updated useful information which can catch the eyes of good quality sites so that one can get quality backlinks.
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    it's usually a combination of:

    - Domain age
    - Quality and diversification of backlinks
    - Quality & helpful Content

    It ain't something you can build in 2 months.
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    Actually the best way is to build a brand name, and don't build any link at all unless 100% natural like a facebook page. ...Let your links truly build naturally.
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    Domain Authority according to SEOmoz is more a cumulative thing then that it really means anything. You can spam a site with 100k links and have a DA of 50 while the site in fact has 0 authority in the eye's of Google.
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      Social Medias have also a huge impact on the ranking of your website, but beside that I totally agree with Jason that it is based on :
      Domain age
      - Quality and diversification of backlinks
      - Quality & helpful Content
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    Nice Question to ponder on.

    I think its because of combination of Domain age and visitors Traffic on site.

    I may be wrong, I am still learning!

    Maybe some more posts by experts here will help to gain some more insights into it.
    LiveHelpIndia- Support and Sales with Smile!
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    First useful or interest content .
    Claim your website
    Submit quality directory
    fb page
    some video to put in youtube
    exchange link with high rank website and blog
    publish article
    answer in forum same i doing now with ur website link signature
    and many other way
    Unique content
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    If by domain authority you mean the seomoz rank you are wrong. I struggle to think of a more useless metric. But if what you mean by domain authority is actual authority then yes it is very important. The best source of authority on the internet is links from domains that have alot of authority in google's eyes (not seomoz).

    Check it out
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      Build quality back links, add high quality content to your site and it will increase its authority big time. There are no secrets to having authority in your domain. Just be consistent in giving your site quality content then you'll get the prize you've been waiting for.

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    Domain Authority is very important. Building links on high authority sites like twitter, Tumblr, blogspot, and other bookmarking sites will help you increase your domain authority. Also doing Guest Post on high quality niche specific sites is a great plus point.
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