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I am looking for an answer about the usage of multiple keywords/synonyms/plurals on one page. How is it counted by google? Let's say I have a page about LED LAMPS. My main keyword is "LED LAMPS", but I also have "LED LAMP", "SYLVANIA LED LAMP", "ENERGY SAVING LED LAMPS", "LED BULBS". Now, all of these keyword have the primary "LED LAMPS" inside or are a plural or synonym. What if I want to put them all on my page, how the keyword density for 'LED LAMPS' will be calculated? Can I make density for primary keyword 3%, then for a synonym/secondary keyword 2% and for plurals 1% - with that I have 6% which is waaay too much. However I don't know if Google counts it as 3%, 2% & 1%, not summing up...


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    Yeah you can do that. I tend to keep my density at 1-2% but I've been working on sites with 8-9% too and nothing bad happened. Homever keep in mind that a home page stuffed with keywords with low quality content may pass the search engine police but it's not worth if the content sucks for your customers/readers.

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    Keyword density is an important factor in SEO but after penguin update keyword should be fitted in the content naturally and its density should not very high. You can use maximum 3 to 4 multiple keywords/synonyms/plurals repetitions in the content of the webpage.

    If you will use very high keyword density in the content then it may negatively affect your websites current rankings.
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      Ok, thanks for comments but I still haven't get a clear answer...

      Should I aim for 1-2% density of primary keyword with all it's synonyms/plurals? Or just primary keyword density counted only with the primary keyword usage without synonyms, plurals?
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    Keyword density of 1.2% with all its synonyms/plurals is said to be the ideal keyword density.
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    My breakdown:

    20% Main keyword
    50% Related keywords
    30% Non related (click here, this site, more info)

    Also throw in some naked (your exact as an anchor.
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    Ok that should make it a little bit more clear for every one. But please check out the example below so you can explain on that to make it even more clear.. I have some keywords connected with led lighting:

    faretti led mr16
    faretti led gu5.3
    faretti a led mr16
    lampade led mr16
    lampade a led mr16
    lampade a led mr16
    lampade a led gu5.3

    So now i would be crazy grateful if you could tell me which of these are recognized for google as:

    - exactly the same (doubled)
    - synonyms

    Of course I could just optimize my page more or less with these - but I want it to be just perfect..

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