What is your link building process?

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Hey all

Im a newbie still learning the ropes.

There are alot of professionals here so I thought id ask the question.

Do you instantly start seeking blogs to guest post on? If so what do you do if your client doesnt have a blog? I understand it used to be easy to gain good links via blog posts but not so easy now

Do you submit to online directories

Do you seek forums to post links in your siggy (if this is the case then do you stay active in the forum?

Im just looking for some helpful tips

Thank you
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    As far as guest posting is concerned. Just search for websites loosely related to your niche to begin with. To begin with, try typing into Google "guest post" along with "keyword/s relevant to your niche".

    The trick is in how you present yourself. Just come from the attitude of how can I provide as much value as possible for this blog owner? If they have a page for guest posters on their site, indicate that you've actually read it and understand what they're looking for.
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    Thanks birdman, so would you say guest posting is more important than directory submissions?
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      Thanks birdman, so would you say guest posting is more important than directory submissions?

      I think Directory Submission is more important! Having a profile to an Authority Site can give you a good reputation. But it won't guarantee rankings, you still need to work on other link building task.
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    For me, relevancy, deep linking and consistency are the main factors of link building process. Considering these factors, I am paying more attention to the content, guest blogging and social media.
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    For link building i use directory, forum posting , blog commenting, article ,press release, social bookmarking etc..
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    I use a lot of link building strategies and no, guest blogging is not better than directory submission. They both play important roles in internet marketing. I do blog commenting, forum posting, guest blogging, social bookmarking and using article submission to build links.
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    All i can say is, the same thing that use to work in the past still works just that you need to be a little bit REAL in order to stay ahead of the game.

    No body is going to reveal their process to you hands down with the recent clamp down on SEO expert and webmasters, not for selfish reasons but for sustainability.
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    To get the most from your efforts, I would recommend that you stick to sites that are the most related to yours. You can use tools like SEO Quake to tell you about the page rank of a site, as well as Alexa ranking.

    Mix it up. Google wants it to be "natural." The best thing to do is to read their guidelines for building your backlinks.

    Now, here's how to get your first backlink, and it will come from Google. (Yes, you can get backlinks from Google because I have them.)

    Go to Google and do a search for Google sites. Create a site there. Do something simple like create a squeeze page or post an article and then link back to your site. You may use Alexa to check to see when you get your backlink.

    Personally, the problem I've always had with backlinking is never getting credit for all my backlinks. If it's really that important to you, create an RSS feed of all your backlinks and submit that. It will help Google index them all. It's time consuming, but it all depends on what you are trying to do.
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    First of all Id check how many people are searching for your keywords in google tools. Sometimes its not worth all the effort for local sites. It took me 3 optimized local sites to realise that it wasn't even worth it in the first place.
    I now try to optimize nationally but on more niche terms. Anyway, the big secret to optimisation is just do things in moderation. A few blogs, a few directories, a few press releases etc. Also try to be fairly consistent id say and when looking at other peoples backlinks dont just use a checking tool go for an analysis tool instead so if your gonna copy you only copy the good ones.
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    Buy a PR 5-6 domain, turn into money site

    Buy more pr domains

    Link to money site

    Rank top in Google

    Sell website
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    you can use guest post for making better link for your site. directory, articles, blog is the old idea use new idea for get more traffic and google dofolow back link for your site quickinformations.com
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    guest posting, article submissions, blog commenting, forum posting are some of the things I do in my link building process though it is an old idea it is proven effective on gaining traffic.

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    yeah that is one way to do it...guest blog posts....but you gotta get way more links than just from those.

    What I did that works pretty killer...is use articles post robot.along with seo link robot....and spinner chief....and then blast the internet with tons of back links fast and easy....

    ...you end up getting links from all types of places....which google likes and is not spammy.
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