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Hey WF's.
Ok. This is probably a newbie question and even if I'm a self-taught SEO I can't resist the temptation to ask. I've been searching high and low, also in this forum, but just can't seem to find a solid answer.

Topic: profile linking.

I'm very versatile in my link approach and small part of my strategy includes profile building and blog commenting. Ones in a while I come across a blog where I just don't stand a chance to make a decent answer in that the topic is so far away from my brain capacity that I give up outright. But I do want the link (hehe - logic here is to avoid only focusing on BLs in my niche of course).

So the question, if you build a profile, with URL link, even with a sig, will the bots pick this up? When your profile is on public display, no problem of course, but what about fora where member details are only available upon logon? Will the bots go beyond the logon to pick the profile (link) or will them simply pass.

To me this is pretty important in that if the bots can't pick up the detail why bother planting profiles on member logged fora?

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    Profile linking doesn't really work well anymore. Why not focus on contextual links?
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      I do as well Mosa but add in profile for versatility
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        Originally Posted by lucasbowen View Post

        I do as well Mosa but add in profile for versatility

        It is not a good idea for versatility, diversity, or any other silly reason you can think of.
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    I wouldn't bother with sites that require you to login to see the profile.
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    Profile links are useless. The page will be page rank n/a for the profile page and also it's spammy. The only reason anyone legitimately makes a profile link is when its their own website 99% of the time. If your talking about link diversity and natural linking them profile links shouldn't be used except on your own personal profiles. Its quite simple to see why profile links are not worth the time.

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    There was once a day many moons ago when forum profiles worked really well direct-to-site. Not too long ago they even worked well backing up lower quality links. (social bookmarks, etc.)

    Today, not so much in most circumstances. The good old days running XRumer liberally was glorious!
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