Reciprocal Linking - Good or Bad?

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The question is in the title. It seems like I pass up alot of good opportunties with reciprocal linking. What are peoples thoughts on the subject. Or is it just a case of everything in moderation??
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  • This strategy is useful only if you exchange links with websites that are highly relevant and similar to your site. Exchanging links with web directories and sites that are not relevant to your content can harm your website. Massive reciprocal link building is not recommended at all.
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    Waste of time. You want one-way links.
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      I have never even had a link page...1 way links are best from high pr.i dont link to anyone apart from my own sites.i get requests to link but never do.....But i guess if they are in your nich it cant hurt...a links a link.Ian
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    I am still not sold that it is a waste of time because many sites in my business are ranking very well with tons of them. Even some of the top ranked sites have basically only reciprocal links in my market. I personally have not got into it because I feel google will sooner or later drop there rankings. But it hasn't happened yet?
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    This backlink tactic was wildly popular about 5 years ago until it was deemed spammy a year or 2 ago.

    Still, it's worthwhile only if the site giving you the link has some authority - not some 10 page MFA site.
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    One way links are better than reciprocal links. They appear natural to Google.

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    First of all, if you are into reciprocal linking, then make sure that you link to good websites within your niche. Secondly, limit the number of reciprocal links. Too many reciprocal links can invite Google penalties for sure :-)
    Personally, i won't recommend you to go for reciprocal linking. Try to gain more high quality one way links instead. Reciprocal linking can be detrimental in a post penguin and panda era.
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    I've never done reciprocal links for any of the websites that I've optimized. With Google watching closely for sites who do that, even if it works at this time, at some point your site will probably get a penalty if you do reciprocals.
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    My seo guy has said the same thing. To not have reciprocal links unless your linking to a great site about information related to your industry or product.
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    It's okay if done with relevant sites in same field.

    Don't do it with too many sites.

    Don't do it as a high percentage of your in-bound links.

    Never Give Up!

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    Reciprocal link are not of much help if they are not coming from quality/authority sites.Just focus on one way links which has some worth.
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    I've been doing a lot of research on search engine optimization lately. One of the main ways to fare better in the search engines, particularily Google, is to have more inbound links.

    I've exhausted all possible directories and other sites that can put a link to my site (and I'm also thinking about other sites I'm making now and in the future).

    So when it comes to getting more sites linking to you, it seems that the last option is to submit to directories that will link to you, but only if you link to them, usually by placing their logo on your site with a hyperlink.

    I don't like this for two reasons:

    1. People may become distracted and leave your site for one of the links, which could be a directory with your competitors.

    2. It doesn't look professional to have links to a bunch of directories. Some of them don't even want it on a "links" page, they want it on a "regular" page.

    3. I hear Google doesn't like "reciprocal" links, they prefer "one way" links - a link to your site, but no link back to the other site.
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    Reciprocal linking is good, but you have to mind some criteria before doing it.

    1. The partner may not place link of your site on his site
    2. The link coming may not be from a page relevant to your site's niche
    3. The link may be coming from a page which has a lot of outbound links.
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    It all depends on relevancy and quantity of reciprocal links.
    If you have 2 sites with very similar content, where you can see the same or similar keywords on both pages, it is likely that this will still work well.
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    • Profile picture of the author diehardtwo
      Cool, thanks for the answers guys. I think I may try adding a few> my friend has done well with a few recipricals. I may only use sites that let me add there link to pages other than my main page.
      I,ve done alot of research and when it comes to decent links according at ahrefs anyway, it seems like alot of my competitors are either paying for their links or recipricating.
      Ive been linking pretty hard recently, maybe its time to give it a rest. Or maybe just for a bit outsource some work. The only rpoblem then though is that they will end up linking anyway. Catch 22.
      Im google page 4-5 atm in my field. Maybe its time I actually set up a decent blog page and actually start driving interested parties to my site instead. Twitter etc. I think thats the answer. Cheers for the comments.
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    The reciprocial linking is useful if ONLY you have found a website in the SAME niche (*or very related to it) // And of course 3-way reciprocial would be better, not DIRECT!

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    Reciprocal is not a good way of link building. One way link building is the best strategy.
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    Reciprocal link building is the process to exchange links between 2 websites. Which are at same theme......If both website are quality websites then both will increase popularity and search engine reputation. This is beneficial...
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