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My website's index page removed from google.It was there on yesterday.
Website : STAR4M.COM
Please help me,and please move the thread to right section if this on wrong section.
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    I don't think so, your site is still in google index pages. It so happened that you change your site canonical url I guess. The site is not opening if www is included.
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    Bro,so what todo to get rid of the problem?
    Help me.
    Do I want to change anything in webmaster tools.
    Bro 1 more question,I want to google index my site like the below one.
    Image(pls change to url)-
    Some links available in index itself ->
    Webmaster Tools - Sign up - Submit to Google
    I want to include this kind links in google index for my site.
    How I can?
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    google for canonical URL, you can solve the problem using mod re-write
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    Your website is still indexed by google you can check it on google by typing Your ranking has fluctuated a bit, Your website has a serious problem of content duplication, which need to be rectified on immediate basis
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