Recovering from Google updates - One big part of the solution is already in.

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NO one knows the details of any of the updates and the first thing people will say reading the title is that anyone who says they know how to recover already is lying.

In this case its only partially true. We KNOW one thing already. Its undeniable to anyone who looks around and uses their brain.

Internet marketers are being hunted as a pack. From the deindexing of popular services IMers used at the beginning of the year, to penguin that went after the most popular links to now straight out saying they are going after EMDs which was a core technique taught in Internet marketing SEO.

You can continue to try and react to each change individually, do your tests. follow someones brand new PDF on how to recover but its all futile. This is now the third time the board has erupted in horror at an update and its not likely to stop next year.

You are dealing with human beings after you not machine algorythms. Concentrating solely on the algo as so many do is short sighted. The humans at Google will change the algo to come after whatever else you do unless its what they want or unless they will have to take down most non IM sites to destroy.

Your ONLY solution is to change your ENTIRE thought process of running with the crowd. Unless what WF members suggest is in line with Google or what the rest of the Internet world is doing (the part Google isn't hunting) then do something completely different than what you read here. Stop depending on the peddlers of the cheap, quick and easy so rampant on these boards

If the pack doesn't want to invest anything in their business invest in yours
If the pack wants everything to be done with a push of a button. Put some work into your stuff
If The pack wants to spin everything to death because they don't want to create any content then you go out and create some content or pay more than the five dollars the pack wants to pay for a good writer.
If The pack wants and goes after a low point of entry into this business you go and look at some higher points.
If you don't have the money to get what the pack isn't using then perhaps get income from somewhere else to put into your business.
IF the pack doesn't have the time then you find the time or find someone to work with you that does have the time.

In other words all the popular advice you get here that isn't in line with what Google wants should be disregarded UNLESS you have a non popular adaptation of it. If its popular its part of the pack that Google is hunting. You can whine and complain that some of those things are still solid but you would be missing the point. The pack leaves a trail and just being in the pack that is being hunted is enough reason to not be with the pack. That the pack is being hunted is no longer up for dispute.

if you don't leave the pack you will just keep coming back here hurt because you have been shot again. Can you be shot not being with the pack? Sure but your chances are a lot better when Google is off looking for the pack you don't belong to anymore.
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    I agree great post. I know for myself I always consider it a war, if I read something online then I know Google can read it too. So I consider the information not completely safe to use without changing it to make it my own. One of the reasons for this is they are always looking for "footprints", so I try not to leave any. Your post echos what may people try to state so many times, quit listening to blind advice and get out on the web experimenting.

    One key thing I always keep in mind after every update is this, I wasn't effected this time but if I don't learn from it and adapt I could easily become a victim next update.
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    IM is dead in the way we used to do it!

    Yesterday I started to track quiet a few clients of mine, and then especially the ones with quality sites as I'm already getting plenty of emails from people that are hit, which are all affiliate/adsense sites.

    Guess what, all the quality sites (read as: non affiliate/adsense) went UP in the rankings!

    So what is the alternative to Adsense/Affiliate? I wouldn't know, yes I do know, a real business, but it's hard to find a real business that you can run 100% online as that's what most people want, and I can't disagree with them.

    There are alternatives though that are not too hard to get in:

    - drop shipping
    - lead generation
    - a service related business
    - selling digital products (Yukon had a great idea for that some time ago about selling MTB track maps)
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    To be honest, it seems like all the takes to recover from the EMD changes is:

    Step 1) Have a high quality link profile
    Step 2) There is no step 2.

    Hint: a high quality link profile isn't blog comments, article directories, social bookmarking and self-made web 2.0
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      Originally Posted by d0de View Post

      To be honest, it seems like all the takes to recover from the EMD changes is:

      Hint: a high quality link profile isn't blog comments, article directories, social bookmarking and self-made web 2.0
      Thats not surprising since Google can't really determine quality very good without input from other sites.

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