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Hey Guys,

So I was curious...

I have a site that I started about 4 months ago that recently moved from basically non-existent to #2 on Google for my targeted keyword.

For about 2 weeks I was getting about 200 visits a day.

Yesterday I noticed that Google had moved me to #9 on Google and traffic went down to about 5 a day.

The only thing that I can tell that I changed recently with the site was:

-Adding W3 Total Cache Wordpress plugin to speed up site
-Using Gzip wordpress plugin to speed up site
-Optimizing and repairing the database
-WP Minify to increase speed
*Adding 1 new article to the site

I had speed tests done on my site which is why I added these plugins after doing research to improve the speed (which they did very noticeably increase the speed)

I also added a new article to the site because I had heard that Google likes new articles to keep high on the rankings, and I may be able to target more keywords also to rank with.

Do you know why my site might have dropped in the rankings? Should I reverse any of these changes that I made? Should I just be patient and wait to re-rank? Any advice would be much appreciated!


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    You did hear they updated the algorithm again, right? Do you have an EMD? A lot of mine got blown to pieces. It looks like the EMD gravy train is over.
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    Yes you are right - I received an email from Kim Roach talking about Google's newest updates (28/9/12), you can read further information on her blog here:

    ยป Matt Cutts Announces Google Algorithm Update
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      Originally Posted by Ed Micah View Post

      Yes you are right - I received an email from Kim Roach talking about Google's newest updates (28/9/12), you can read further information on her blog here:
      thanks for the info My site was also drop 3 places to second page!
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    Wow. I didn't know that. But yes, the site is an EMD .com. The content on the site is really good though and viewers love it, but the site probably has less than 25 backlinks.
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    Google changed their search algorithm over the weekend again. From what I am reading here alot of people, esp ones with direct match domains i.e city+need got absolutely blasted out of the water.

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      My main money authority blog has been repeatedly crushed with each update, including this last on 9/28.

      Not an exact but I do have WeightLoss in the title, so I guess that's close enough in Google's eyes...SEO is dead, all the top spots in my niches are dominanted by sites with domain age 12+ and 1,000,000 indexed pages, even if their content is crap, they are still ranking.

      good luck
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    If you don't mind post the name of the keyword I will be more than happy to analyze it for you. There could be many factors why the position has dropped mainly if the keyword is getting you over 200 visits per day, chances are the keywords are highly competitive. If you see new links moving up the ranks on the top 8 positions, chances are there are other companies working on building backlinks to compete for the same keywords.

    Loosing 5 visitors per day is not bad but what concerns me is after a while if you are continue being pushed down the ranks and move to page 2, your traffic will drop significantly. One of the ways to have a solid SERPs on this keyword is by building one way contextual high PR backlinks with unique and relevant contents. Check out my signature for more info on this method. Hope this helps.
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    Google is trying to make it hard for webmasters with every new updates. I guess Google is having fun doing those reading these forum threads and blogs.
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    Unless your site was a high pr EMD which was several years old then I think you would've or will survive it. When I look for a site I tend not to trust EMD's and do not like them - never used this tactic for any of my sites.

    The bubble was always going to burst for EMD's.
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    Google obviously doesn't want us over-analyzing the SEO of our site. Make the title and URL search engine friendly, and then just focus on publishing awesome content as often as possible. The content will serve as social media bait, and as you can see from this case study, Google is looking at social signals.
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    I didn't know about the update either.

    It seems to have had a good effect on one of my sites - up from around 70 daily to over 110 for the past few days. On others, they've stayed pretty much the same. None is an EMD, but they do have keywords in the domain.

    I have seen the most stability throughout Panda, Penguin and whatever this latest one is, with sites targeting long tail keywords (really long tail ...) and unique, quality articles. The great thing is they don't much backlinking beyond bookmarking.

    Good luck.
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    google updated and this moves things around, if you had a good ranking before it can climb back up, if you get a little penalty then resolve add more content and some extra links

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