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Hi Guys,

Just wondered what the latest was on blog/article networks post penguin?

A competitor in my niche has managed to rank a small mini-site for some seriously competitive - brand + coupon keywords since February solely by using blog/article networks. It seems that blog/article networks can still work post Penguin.

1) What blog / article networks have been de-indexed or severely penalized post-penguin (I know BuildMyRank is gone)?
2) What blog / article networks can people recommend?
3) What link velocity is working i.e. how many referring domains per month to the same site? Obviously this will depend on the vertical and its competitiveness.
4) What level of content do people recommend? Spun content, $2 unique articles i.e. complete crap, $5 unique articles i.e. crap but some making sense
5) Other best practices

I've been out of the game for a while so your help is appreciated

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    It is still valuable if you post unique quality content. Content scrapping and spun the articles causing the damage.
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    You shall know one thing that majority of article directories I personally researched are either deindexed or either only few pages left in index, having back link from any panalized site may create issues in future...

    I do not trust blog networks post panda 3.5 world...
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    Originally Posted by andishm View Post

    You shall know one thing that majority of article directories I personally researched are either deindexed or either only few pages left in index, having back link from any panalized site may create issues in future...

    I do not trust blog networks post panda 3.5 world...
    If you're curious how an article directory may help you just head over to and put it the domain. It will show you right away how many pages are indexed and in what direction (less or more) they are traveling. If it's still a good network it will have hundreds of thousands of pages indexed and will be on the rise. If not, forget about it.

    Example - ezine is heading down and ehow is heading up. There's tons of sites (I even own one). None are "deindexed", but many have lost hundreds of thousands of pages. Most of what was deindexed was total crap and the mods should have deleted it long ago. Write good quality unique articles and submit them to high pr directors on the rise and you'll do ok. None of these links are dofollow, so you know.
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    I think people tend to overthink their link building tactics too much today. It's understandable though because from a broad standpoint, it appears that nothing is as easy as it used to be.

    All of these algorithm changes from Google are put in place to combat the masses from gaming their search engine. Since it is happening to the masses and is well documented (especially on this forum) it can give the illusion that SEO is dying and things aren't as easy as they once used to be. But up close you will realize that much of the same stuff still works today just as well as it once did.

    The best links are STILL contextual links within relevant content that you can get from high PR pages. This is the way it was pre-panda and pre-penguin, and as long as Google continues to value these links, this is what will work even post-(insert adorable animal here).

    With that being said, blog networks still work great because they allow you to get links from high-authority, high PR pages. Your rankings will probably be short lived though if you join a network that is advertising in the public eye. Instead, create your own blog network or join a private network with a few others.

    Instead of mass submitting to article directories, find high PR TLDs that will allow you to post content and include a contextual link back to your site. Even though you won't get the juice from having your link on an existing high authority page, you can generally boost these pages fairly easy by sending high numbers of links from many referring domains. There are plenty of tools and services to make this easy.

    Web 2.0 platforms work great for contextual links that can build rank easily. Article directories, press release directories and guest blogging opportunities are a few others that can work well. If you dig hard enough, you will find all kinds of high authority places that will allow you to include your contextual links and even allow you to do so with no moderation involved.

    The kicker with all of this is that all of the content you use to place your contextual links inside, this content has to be unique. Spun content doesn't work like it used to. Each submission should have a different number of words, paragraphs, sentences, anchor link, location of anchor, title, etc. You need to make sure that every article is completely different than the last otherwise it will be discounted as the same and your link will essentially be useless.
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