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Hi all,

I'm looking to buy an aged domain from register compass.

Can anybody provide any tips on the best way to buy a domain?

For example:

what tools do you use to see if it has ever been penazlized by Google?
Does it have general backlinks and authority etc?

If anybody would like to share there recommended tips it would be very helpful

thanks guy's
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    there is no way to be sure that particular domain is penalized or no, you can find if is de-indexed for an example check on Google, site: Http://domain, there is some tools out there to check if domain is penalized or no I find it's very inaccurate as I was checking own site penalized by Google Pengium in April this year it showing domain is not penalized, very inaccurate...I am still using Register Compass and I think is the best tool out there to find domain and I purchased several high PR domain's using this tool, so my recommendation to you if you want to check if anything is wrong with the URL is to purchase then install Google webmaster tool and confirm and if something is wrong you will get message in webmaster regarding particilar domain but you have to purchase domain first Good Luck...
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    I never used register compass for purchasing expired domains but it sounds like worth checking out.
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    Yes check out first all web domain name , age etc. EMD have kick out by this Panda updates so be careful. It means EMD which have poor quality Panda hit that domain strongly.
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    If EMD's are not working any longer, then why do I still see alot many EMDs when I search on google?
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    i think is because it didnt affect 100% of the index, but many many sites reported drops
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