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[Note] This is not intended for Adsense pages.

Here's something I'll be testing to try & boost CTRs for on-page links pointing at my custom Clickbank sales page.

It's an animated .gif image (+/-).


Buy Now!

Contact Us!

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Both the text & image would be a link pointing to my target page (sales page, checkout, etc...).

I think the key (as usual) is having a simple page with no distractions, now my feeling is, creating a subtle distraction on purpose (animated gif) will grab the traffics eyes a lot quicker, If anything from curiosity (animated +/- image).

I will have only 1 animated .gif image for approx. every 800px (pixels) of page height, otherwise I think it would create too many decisions for the traffic to process (lol). I got the 800px (pixel) height from w3schools.

I found this article interesting (couldn't find the original source/article from Science), here's a quote:

Subliminal distractions disturb concentration even more than obvious ones, according to U.S. researchers.

In a study published today in the U.S. journal Science, researchers found that subjects were more distracted by subtle movements in the background of computer screens - so subtle that they didn't even consciously register - than they were by more obvious movements.
Here's an example of one way to use the animated .gif image in content.

The large-scale, production-line manufacturing of affordable automobiles was debuted by Ransom Olds in 1902 at his Oldsmobile factory located in Lansing, Michigan and based upon the assembly line techniques pioneered by Marc Isambard Brunel at the Portsmouth Block Mills, England in 1802. The assembly line style of mass production and interchangeable parts had been pioneered in the U.S. by Thomas Blanchard in 1821, at the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts.[21] This concept was greatly expanded by Henry Ford, beginning in 1914.
Again, the text affordable automobiles & the animated +/- .gif image would be hyperlinks pointing at the target page & only one instance of the animated .gif image per 800px (approx. height) in page height.

I don't usually add a lot of text on my pages, so I'll most likely only have a single instance of the animated .gif per page.

Anyways, this is my plan & things might change as I test how it works. The main thing I think that will help boost the CTR is to make sure the page is simple looking to begin with, then create a small distraction to get the traffic curious about the anchor-text, I want all eyes on that anchor-text next to the animated .gif image.
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    Some useful stuff there. I'm sure it would have a good effect if used in the right places.
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      I will test it. Lets see if it increases the CTR.
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        Originally Posted by Anil Kint View Post

        I will test it. Lets see if it increases the CTR.
        Thanks, I would appreciate If you would post any results here. I have a lot of work to do before I'll get around to testing this on my own pages.

        What I'm doing is creating a single custom Clickbank sales page on my own domain, then I'll be pointing 1 link from each internal page on the same site to move traffic to the sales page.

        animated link > custom sales page > Clickbank checkout page
        Also, If this helps boost CTR I'll invest some time later on creating a small library of animated .gif images in a variety of colors.
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          I will also test it on one of my aff site.

          Yuk if You have more such great ideas and no time to test it. Let us know
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            Originally Posted by zecke View Post

            I will also test it on one of my aff site.

            Yuk if You have more such great ideas and no time to test it. Let us know
            Ha, ha.

            I have so many ideas & never enough time to do most of them. I've been awake for almost 24 hours now trying to get work caught up on my own sites, I think I'm starting to get a little delirious.

            I appreciate any feedback you guys have If you test this (.gif image), I think it should help boost CTRs.
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    Let me check it. I will tell you later. I think its helpful.
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