GSniper vs. Google EMD update?

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It's 4:30 in the morning, still up because my first sniper site got hit.

I'm new in I.M., been spending a lot of time after office hours on this... thus lack of sleep for several months... so I'm very much depressed with this Google new algorithm.

Just became aware of this Google EMD update through one of my oDesk contractors for keyword research (and I'm just starting to hire people!)

My site is just a month old, it was slowly climbing up in the SERP... and last night it was already ranked 5 in Google search... when I was about to celebrate and scale up this business it is now rank 32...

Been reading some posts on what to do next... can some GSnipers share their thoughts? Please?

Thought I'll hear from George on this topic here. His last post was two months ago, hope to hear from him regarding this EMD...

My first post in this forum... depressing, bad introduction. Sorry guys, I'm not usually like this. Need to sleep this off
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    What else is there really to know? Either change your strategy or figure out a way to make your current one work. There's plenty of threads here about the update, and as far as George goes i'm sure a better way to contact him would be through a PM.

    Look at the bright side though, at least you weren't too heavily invested. Imagine how depressed you'd be if you 500 gsniper sites...
    There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs
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    Thanks Dennis... I guess I need to diversify my strategy and not heavily depend on EMD on my SEO effort.

    Just want to ear from other snipers / MNS if all of their sites got hit... and what will they do if they have a great number of such sites... if I have 500 gsniper sites slapped, I would really be ANGRY and CHALLENGED to beat Big G in his game.

    But right now, I'm putting off my outsourcing work temporarily until I finalized a new plan... heavily considering building a list of leads... email marketing... don't want to be totally dependent on Google
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      Did you just buy the manual? In light of the recent Google updates, Google Sniper is obsolete. The premise behind Google Sniper 1 and 2 are exactly the same, however Google Sniper 2 is just a reformatted version (they've switched to using videos) of the first one, which was launched years ago.

      They tell you to create 5 page affiliate EMD sites, however Google deems these sites as low quality. So your best approach would be to create authority sites instead.
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    I have Google Sniper 2, with live Q&A monthly webinar. George taught a lot of ways to rank not just EMD... but I guess EMD gave a massive boost to my ranking, but now I'm only left with the other strategy (e.g. backlinks, trackbacks, youtube) so a month old site like mine I guess should be in page3 with no help from the EMD boost.

    The minimum is 5 page, but through the webinars, a couple of useful post every now and then is encouraged.

    I have one site (1 year) not EMD around 20 pages, with a facebookpage (110 likes) and it increased in SERP from rank 35 1st week of September and now at rank 4 for a keyword with 3000 average monthly search.

    Let's see, I'm adding more posts on my sniper site and will implement other strategies (not relying to EMD no more)

    Waiting for George's webinar this coming Wednesday hopefully this will be discussed.
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